Fiama, the Llama

Aanya Sharma
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Fiama, the llama
By Aanya Sharma

Once upon a time, there was a small llama. Her name was Fiama. Fiama was very naughty and never listened to her mother. They lived by the river on a high mountain. Every year in winter, snow fell on their house. Fiama loved to play in the snow.
Once in winter, it snowed very heavily. The water in river turned into ice. Fiama wanted do go for skating on the ice. Her mother told her not to do so, since she was afraid that Fiama might fall into the cold water beneath if the ice broke.

That night there was a party in their house. Mother Llama was serving some delicious snacks to the guests. She had a plate full of pies. Suddenly, she remembered how much Fiama loved the pies! She started looking for Fiama in the house, but Fiama was not there! Naughty Fiama had quietly slipped out of the house to skate on the icy river, thinking that her mother wouldn’t know.

Alas! The ice broke and Fiama fell into the cold river. “Help! Help!”, she shouted, but there was no one around to help her. When mother Llama did not find Fiama in the house, she got worried. The guests offered to look for Fiama. The blue bird and the owl flew out, and saw Fiama in the river. The otters ran to rescue Fiama out of the water.

Fiama was all wet and shivering with cold. Mother Llama covered her in a thick blanket and called the doctor. Doctor Duck came with his medicines and checked Fiama. He told Mother Llama not to worry. He said, “Give Fiama these medicines two times, and some raspberry and tea. I will make her feel better in no time.” Mother Llama thanked Doctor Duck, and left Fiama to rest.

But naughty Fiama wouldn’t listen! She knew there were pies in the kitchen and she wanted to eat them all. Just when she was about to get down from her bed, she toppled and had a funny fall. The guests saw her and started laughing! Little Fiama was very embarrassed. She promised to listen to her mother always from then on.

The End.


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