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I ATE A SPICY GINGER - Bedtime Bedtime
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I ate a spicy ginger
from my brother on a dare.
the ginger caught my head on fire
and burned off all my hair
My mouth disgorged lava
and my tongue began to melt
my ears were shooting jets of steam
atleast that's how they felt
I spring back around the room
i ran across the ceiling
i buzz right in the freezer
to relieve the burning feeling
I drank a thousand soda pops
and chewed a ton of ice
to try to stop the scorching of that spicy ginger's spice
FInally, the flames extinguised,
i admitted to my brother,
"that ginger was the best one yet
may i please have another?
©2017 by: Alaghde kelvin terngu

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