The Deer and The Elephant

Sharmila Roy Ghosal

Runi the deer sat alone under a tree. No one wanted to play with her because she was dirty. Ever since Ren the crow told her that if she took a bath, she would turn into a peacock, Runi stopped going to the river side.
Runi had never seen a peacock, but Ren told her peacocks were ugly birds.

Five days later it was Shera the tiger’s birthday. All animals had been invited to the party except Runi.
“I want all my guests to be clean and smell good”. Shera had said.
Runi wept silently to herself, What was she to do?

It was on such a morning that Tina the young elephant came to visit her aunt in the Evergreen forest from the Black forest.
Tina saw a young deer weeping and wanted to know the reason for her misery. On hearing everything, Tina smiled to herself.

“Hop onto my back”, Tina said, “I will take you somewhere”.
Tina’s aunt lived at the end of the forest and next to her house lived Tony the peacock.
As they approached the end of the forest, Runi saw a bird with all its feathers spread, in blue, green, brown and yellow.
The shimmering hues of the peacock’s feathers made Runi gasp. “What is this?"
“A peacock”. Dina smiled.
Runi could not believe her ears. She thought that in case she turned into a peacock after taking a bath, her friends would not consider her to be ugly at least, and she could attend the tiger’s birthday party and look nice and clean.

Next day Runi followed Dina to the riverside. The elephant filled her trunk with water and sprinkled it on the deer, to her utter surprise and glee Runi remained a deer and did not turn into a peacock. Soon Runi was washed and clean again.
All her friends came back to her, the tiger heard about it and invited Runi to the party.
A special invitee was, of course, Tina the elephant for making the impossible happen.

Ren the crow, who had purposely scared Runi for fun, faced the animosity of the animals and decided to leave the forest for good.


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