The Ultimate Quest


"Urrggh", Owen grunted, he was in the castle doing his homework, but then he heard something strange. He looked outside his broken glass window to see an unusual figure. He flew in the broken, glass window. The figure had a book, a sword and some sort of strange map. '‘Go away!'’ Owen yelled. "And who-who are you?!'' "I'm Merlin and I have chosen you Owen, to save The Princess, Princess Couch Potato. Here's a book, a map and a sword for your journey." Merlin replied.
Just when Owen was going to ask how he would do this stuff, Merlin disappeared into thin air. Owen opened the book it was called The Book of Ozan. Owen opened the first page to see a name of someone called Johnny Greg. He looked at the map, it had strange names and pictures of different places. There was the Lake of Lettuce, Bolin's Castle, Granville Cave of Lies, Naddrins mountain, The Dark lands and the castle that he is in now. Owen studied the sword it had strange symbols on it like a brick and a rat. Just when Owen turned to the next page there was a large BANG Coming from the door.
“Can I come in?" Murmured an unusual voice. ''Umm, who are you?''. Owen stammered. The mysterious creature didn't reply. Then the door opened, there was a small green owl mixed with a chipmunk, and it could talk. “Hello Master Owen, my name is Chippie.” “Why are you here, and how-how do you know my name?” “I'm your companion didn't Merlin tell you?” “No, he didn't he just left me here with this map a sword and this book saying stuff about a dude called Johnny Greg.” “Did you just say Johnny Greg?" he said in a surprised voice. “Umm... Yes. Is there something wrong with that?" ''No, it’s just he was the inventor and guardian of Ozan, he survived all the evil and trapped it away in another land called The Dark lands. But one day there was an evil mysterious looking figure called Bolin, who hunted those of good, including Johnny Greg. Bolin has been the evillest for thousands of years. Johnny Greg only talks to those who are the most positive and brave of them all.''
Owen looked outside and saw a couple mysterious creature it was a slimy yellow beast, it had razor sharp claws and pitch-black eyes. 'Umm, what's that?'', asked Owen. Chippie looked out the window in shock. ''We'd better go!'', Chippie shouted. ''Why?'' ''Just run, there Gloomies, they're the protectors of Ozan!'' Owen and Chippie sprinted out of the castle doors and climbed into a large tree. The tree had lots of rocks and sticks in it. "Should we throw rocks in the bushes over there to distract the Gloomies?" Owen asked Chippie. "Ok but when we throw the rocks and stick’s we need to sprint out fast, so we don't get spot by the Gloomies." Owen and Chippie threw the rocks and sticks and sprinted away and out of the castle gates." Few, that was easy," said Owen. " Yeah that was easy.".
"Where do we go now?" asked Owen, " I don't know, maybe check the map." Owen checked the map it had completely changed. There was a shortcut to Bolins castle! There was now a bridge getting built across a ravine, but they still needed to cross Granville and Naddrins mountain which had a dragon on it. Owen showed Chippie and they started their journey to Dreadnars castle once and for all.

3 Days Later....…..

Owen and Chippie arrived at Granville, the houses were smashed there was broken glass everywhere and there were heaps and heaps of Evil Grannies. " Why is this place so run down," Owen asked Chippie. "And why are there so many grannies. " I don't know why everything is broken," replied Chippie. "But I know why there so many grannies,”, "Why,". "Because it’s called Granville,"
The two heroes walked slowly around the mysterious place while the Grannies watched them. "Why are the grannies watching us?" whispered Owen. "I don't know."

The duo kept walking but now the Grannies were approaching them as if they were going to hurt them. But then a granny ran at them with a knife. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" shouted Owen. The Granny striked at Owen with the knife. "Use your sword!" Chippie yelled. Owen grabbed his sword and slashed it at the Granny's head. The Granny's head plopped onto the ground with a great splat. Blood flew everywhere. Just when Owen did that all the Grannies charged at Owen and Chippie. Owen slashed at the Grannies while Chippie was nibbling the Grannies limbs off. They kept fighting and fighting until nearly all the grannies were dead.

"That was hard, but it also felt very awesome." said Owen. "Yeah that was awesome and difficult." replied Chippie. "So now where are we going?" Owen checked his map. "The bridge" Owen replied. "But first I want to get some potions from that potion shop and then we can go." They walked to the potion shop. There were sleeping potions, jumping potions, climbing potions, speeding potions and heaps more! They got most of the potions and walked out of Granville.

They walked down an ally to see a mossy cliff with vines on it.
"What do we do now?" Owen asked. "Climb I guess."
Chippie climbed up easily but when Owen tried, he just couldn't climb. "I know how I can climb." said Owen. "I can use one of the potions like the climbing potion to climb.''
Owen drank a glug of the potion and climbed up the vined covered cliff easily.
"Wow!! These potions really work."

Owen looked ahead where there was a ravine with a bridge across it!
"That's the bridge in that map." Owen said excitedly.
"Yeah it is!"
Owen walked onto the bridge with Chippie the bridge was not what it appeared to be in the map. The bridge looed thousands of years old. It was broken, planks were missing and there were termites everywhere. Suddenly Owen tripped over and fell of the bridge. But he wasn't dead, or hurt he was being held on by something on the bridge, it was Chippie and another person like Merlin. "Thanks Merlin and Chippie for saving me. And why are you here Merlin? Why aren't you at your village?"
Gloomies took over they thought I murdered their leader called Scoff."
They pulled Owen up and walked off the bridge and sprinted away from the bridge.
"Now we go to Bolin's castle to save Princess Couch Potato." said Owen.
"I'm coming with you now Owen." said Merlin. "You will probably need my magic to beat Bolin."

The trio walked for hours and hours until they got to Bolin's castle. It was surrounded by bubbling lava.
They walked to the entrance it was completely open it was like he wanted them to come. They entered slowly and looked for any traps. They couldn't see any traps, so they walked normally. Then Guards rushed out of nowhere.
"Where did they come from?" asked Owen.
"I don't know but they look quite strong but let’s charge!!" shouted Chippie.
They charged at the Guards and slashed and bashed them and put on their armour.
"How do I put this on?" said Chippie. "Drink a glug of this growing potion." said Owen.
"Ok." said Chippie
Chippie drank a glug and grew to the same size as Owen. They walked around the confusing castle and found a sign saying Bolin's Quarters -> they kept walking until they got to Bolin's throne. Bolin was sitting on a golden throne with red cushioning on it.

"Hello Bolin." said Merlin said. "Long time no see. Today is the day you'll die."
The trio took of the armour and Chippie shrank back to his normal size
"Merlin!" Bolin shouted. "You came here to kill me. And who are these things you bring with you wimps."
"Don't call us wimps!" they both yelled.
Owen and Chippie ran at Bolin with their weapons.
"You'll die." shouted Owen. "Also, where's the Princess!"
"Over there." Bolin was pointing to a cage with the most beautiful princess Owen has ever seen.
"Set her free now!!" shouted Owen.
"NO!!" yelled Bolin.
The enemies collided. Owen was holding his sword, Bolin was holding an evil snake sword and Merlin was holding his oak wood staff. The trio finally pinned Bolin to the ground.
"Any last words!'' Owen yelled.
"Yes. Dewsuefewruehuetueso."
"What was that?" asked Owen confused
"That was the call to get Naddrin, my dragon to come hear." replied Bolin.
An evil dragon flew in through the window and picked up Bolin.
"You'll never catch me!" Bolin said.
"Or can I?" said Owen.
Owen glugged down the rest of the potion of growing and grew to the size of a giant.
Owen grabbed Naddrin and Bolin and smashed them into the ground.
Owen picked up Bolin while Chippie unlocked the cage to get the princess out. The princess ran out and Owen shoved Bolin in.
"How do you feel now?  Bad and ashamed?" asked Owen.
There was no answer from Bolin. Owen drank the shrinking potion and shrank back down to normal size.

(The End)


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