The Candle


The Candle

I was in the basement of my grandma's house when my grandma called for me to come upstairs. I ran up and she said she was leaving, but my cousin Shayla was coming over. Well my grandma left and I stayed upstairs watching TV for a bit until Shayla came. My grandma had just moved in to the house, so we weren't familiar. We only knew that there was some mysterious storm shelter in the backyard that was bolted shut.

We went outside to find the keys because we were 11 and didn't know what to do. We found a locket, a key and 3 jellybeans in a box that was buried. We tried the key. It was too big, so we put everything back except the locket. Then Shayla went into the shed and brought out a huge shovel. She started smacking the shelter door with it. After about 3 minutes of her smacking and me picking open the locket, a huge hole was in the shelter door. We couldn't see anything in there because it was too dark outside.

We went in to get a flashlight when we heard a big "BOOM" coming from outside. Shayla ran outside to find the whole entire shelter door caved in. I brought the flashlight and shined it in there. Shayla went to get a camera but I wasn't sure why. I looked in but right when I turned on the flashlight, it went dead. So, Shayla got another. She shined the flashlight and I just couldn't believe what I saw, but I knew it was true, and real. Shayla snapped some pictures and we got out as quickly as possible.

When grandma came home, we weren't there. We were at the neighbor's house. We went back to grandma's and she said, "I was looking for you two. Where were you?" "At Joey's house" I said with fear in my voice and eyes as I looked outside at the shelter.

Shayla and I ran outside and guess what?..... The shelter door was back on, bolted shut, and everything was perfectly in place how it was before. Shayla tried to tell grandma what happened, but grandma seemed mad about us snooping around. Grandma said "I cannot believe what you girls are saying. I just can't. I mean it looks like you didn't break the door or anything."

At that point I knew it was all a dream; the dead man in the shelter, the locket, the jelly beans, the key.


But then Shayla pulled out her digital camera and showed it to grandma. It was a disturbing picture and I puked. Sorry, I would put a picture of it on here but I don't have it.



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