Daddy's Little Girl

Denisse Peralta

Once apon a time, there was a little girl with gorgeous long wavy blond hair and big blue eyes, one night she stood up from her bed and walked down the hallway into her parents room. She went to the side where her dad slept, shook him and when his dad opened his eyes and saw her he said "what's wrong princess?" The little girl looked at her daddy and whispered in his ear "I can't sleep daddy, Please come hug me." The dad didn't want to leave his wife so he lifted her up and carried her to her daughters huge bed. "Mommy is really tired right? Because of the baby in her tummy?" The dad looked at his daughter with such love and responded "Yes princess because of the baby, mommy is a little extra tired." The dad layed his wife down under the covers and layed in the middle of the bed so he could hug both his princess and his queen. The little girl snuggled up in her dad's arms and looked up at her dad. Her dad gave her a kiss on the forehead and the little girl smiled and whispered "I love you daddy" and the dad whispered back "I love you too princess, goodnight sweet dreams sleep tight" They all slept peacefully. The End


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