Joe liked hikes. And this one was going to be really cool. Ted, his best pal was here. Other friends included Martin, Greg and Josh. Mr. Maxwell was the group church leader. And his assistant Larry was also Joe’s big Brother. They all crawled into the Safari Wagon. Each kid tumbled around until theyDisplay

A Mess

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The Dress

Nupur walked along the road with a sad look on her face. Tomorrow was her friend Neeta’s birthday and she did not have anything nice to wear to the party. Her father’s jute mill had closed down and there was hardly any money left at home to buy a new dress. Nupur decided to wearDisplay

The Right Decision

It was a pleasant sort of a Sunday as John roamed the garden of his uncle’s house. His parents had shifted to Delhi after his father was transferred from the small town where they had lived for many years. “Your final examination is just a few months away.”John’s father had said. ‘We want you toDisplay

A Face in the Clouds

A fishing trip will be good for you,” mom said. “You never go anywhere anymore. This is your chance to get out in the woods. Now scoot. ” James didn’t know his neighbor that well, even if he did deliver his early morning paper. He couldn’t even spell the guy’s name, let alone pronounce it.Display

Oh, Oh

  My dog, Prince was my best friend when I was eight years old. And he was always hungry. “Let’s go for a picnic,” mom said one day. “We’ll make sandwiches when we get there.” So our family drove twenty miles to Moose Bay Beach in northern Quebec. Soon after arriving I said, “Let’s eat.”Display

Dinosaurs In My Bed

  Andrew lay shivering in his bed. The sky was alive with booming sounds and brilliant flashes just outside his window.   Fifteen minutes ago he asked, “Mom, will the storm last long?”   “Please, don’t worry,“ she said. “The weatherman promised it would pass over Truro quickly. Now get some sleep.”   Except itDisplay

The Friendship Club

“Let’s bash him! Let’s bruise him! Or even ‘SCHNOOZE’ him,” three bullies yelled. “What does ‘SCHNOOZE’ mean?” one of them asked. “I don’t know. Let’s do it anyway,” another boy said. A voice roared like a lion, “STOP!” Danny noticed the bullies looked startled by the brave girl. Next thing he knew, they ran away.Display

Cutest Wonder of the God

Cutest Wonder of God Long back there lived a family of four with two kids named Jack and Prince. They lived in a small hilly town since their childhood, so a town with flat land was beyond their Imagination. Jack was 8 Years old and Prince was 2 years older than Jack. Their house wasDisplay


There was a young man once that was a very hard worker. He believed that this was the way to success. He worked for a rich man that told him he could climb up the corporate ladder if he would work harder. So the young man began to work harder than ever before. He didn'tDisplay

Biana and the baby squirrel

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Biana.  She used to lived in her beautiful house with a beautiful garden in front. Many butterflies,  dragonflies, ants, bees, beetles visited her garden. Biana’s garden was very beautiful and attractive with many flowers and fruits. Animals,  birds,  and worms, too, had made it their permanentDisplay

Ginger and the six cats

Ginger and the six cats It was a lovely day in the meadow and all of ginger’s six brothers and sisters were playing in the meadow’s freshly grown grass. All of her brothers and sisters were grey, but ginger was a gold colour with orange stripes. Gingers brother’s and sister’s names were; Gray, Tom, Linx,Display

Ug the Thug

About five thousand, two hundred and forty-six years ago there lived a caveman called Ug the Thug. He lived at the top of a lonely valley, but then everywhere was lonely back then. He had a big club and furry boots and he liked running after things and frightening them best of all. Ug theDisplay


Once upon a time down in the bog there lived a little frog who was different from all the others. This little frog had three hind legs, and his name was Tri-Boy. All the other little frogs had two hind legs. Tri-Boy was kidded unmercifully because he was different. The other little frogs at timesDisplay

The Lonely Mouse

If you thought this story was about a little furry creature with whiskers, a long tail and an appetite for cheese, you’d be wrong. This story is about a mouse that lived on a computer desk at Brinkley and Co. in the big city. After six o’clock, when everyone had left the office for theDisplay


I like to visit my neighbor. She lives in our apartment building. Upstairs. The third floor is hard to climb sometimes. But I don’t mind. My name is Benjamin. I’m six. Mrs. Graham is nice. She walks all bent over. Dad says it’s because Mrs. Graham is old. But I say it’s because she pointsDisplay

Daddy’s Little Girl

Once apon a time, there was a little girl with gorgeous long wavy blond hair and big blue eyes, one night she stood up from her bed and walked down the hallway into her parents room. She went to the side where her dad slept, shook him and when his dad opened his eyes andDisplay




One night I was busy doing an online project. My wife was checking her Facebook page. Suddenly, our 4-year-old daughter Gayle said, “Mommy, we forgot to pray.” I immediately got up, left my laptop on the bed, and joined Gayle and my son, Justin. As we held our hands together for prayer, Justin called forDisplay

When Will I See You Again?

When Will I See You Again? Daniel, when will I see you again? After you were gone, Mommy and Daddy told me that I could see you every day if I just looked. So I looked. I looked in the trees, I looked in the flowers, I looked in the clouds, I looked in ourDisplay

Henna and Her Wiggly Tooth

Henna, the baby hippo wasn’t very happy. In fact, it had been two days since she had smiled at all! It all began a couple of days back when she was brushing her teeth as usual in the morning and she felt a strange feeling in her mouth. She continued brushing. Brush, brush, brush…There, sheDisplay


Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Sabrina, who had a terrible illness, cancer. Despite this, she remained in good spirits especially since she lived with Madam Hicks, a lovely woman who took Sabrina in as a baby, saving her from abandonment. But, she was very unkind towards Sabrina. AsDisplay


In a splendid castle on the ocean shore there lived a King. The poor man had lost his Queen in childbirth, just as she had given life to their first-born daughter, Princess Selena. Following that miserable day, the King would not let his little daughter, Selena, out of his sight, for he knew he wouldDisplay

The Changing World of the Forest Goddess

The Changing World of the Forest Goddess Hannah walked alone through the woods and felt wistful. She was nine years old but had already seen many changes in her short life. They weren’t all bad things. Some were pretty wonderful. Hannah loved having a new little brother and her stepmother was just lovely. She worriedDisplay

A Boy Made Happy

A BOY MADE HAPPY In this little town of Truro, Nova Scotia there are many boys and girls who are afraid. Some remember sorrows which happened to them in the past. A badly cut finger or a broken ankle. Sometimes even a hurt, deep inside from a word spoken in anger. When the night sneaksDisplay

A Fortunate Experience

A Fortunate Experience Change is defined as to give a different position, course, or direction to. Change is essential in life because you learn from change and it gives you a new route to take in life. Many people in life tend to not understand change but it’s the ones that do who are theDisplay

Dancing with Daddy

Dancing with Daddy “I am so bored,” said Jessica one early Sunday morning. “There is nothing fun to do around the house.” Jessica Beth was 8 years old and very energetic ready for some fun. She tried playing inside all by herself, but after a while it was not any fun. Jessica read to herDisplay

A Home for Caspian

A HOME FOR CASPIAN After searching all day for a home, Caspian finally gave up and sat on a stone by the roadway in despair. “What am I going to do?” he asked himself. ”Its raining every day, I need somewhere to stay.” Oh dear! What a mess. “What’s a mess, what’s a mess?” aDisplay

The War of the Biscuits

The War of The Biscuits The chocolate digestives lived peacefully on the shelf in Tesco’s until one afternoon they were taken. Once they were brought home to Mrs Speed’s house she undid them and put them in her biscuit box. The chocolate biscuits felt very intimidated, as some of the other biscuits who were thereDisplay

Gotta Go!

Gotta Go! “Don’t drink all of that, you’ll have to go during the movie.” Brian didn’t listen to his mother, but continued to gulp down his soda with vigor. And out of spite, he went and filled his cup again. His mother just sighed and prepared for the worst. Brian was in one of hisDisplay

Max’s New Bed

Max’s New Bed Once there was a little boy named Max. Max refused to go to bed. He stayed up later than his older sister Teresa, kicking and screaming about not going to bed. One night, Teresa asked Max why he never wanted to sleep. “Because….” Said Max between tears. “I don’t like my crib.Display

The Princess

PRINCESS Once upon a time there were three beautiful princesses. Their names were Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen. Kimmy was 3, Katie was 5, and Kristen was 8. They all lived in a manor, with butlers, maids, cooks, and lots of people. But the princesses did not treat them like slaves, they treated them with respectDisplay

The Magic Pen

The Magic Pen I’m sitting in my backyard on a sunny early spring afternoon. My blue spiral notebook is on my lap and a magic pen is in my hand. The pen doesn’t look that special if you see it in my bag or on my desk, just a black gelstick pen with a cap.Display

Emma’s Secret

Emma’s Secret Emma had kept her secret for so long, letting it grow in her heart. But the secret was so big, she knew she couldn’t keep it inside much longer. She wanted to show people how beautiful it was, like Heaven on Earth, but she wasn’t sure how. At first she noticed the secretDisplay

Mitty’s Surprise

Mitty the Kitty opened her lazy green eyes and yawned. The sun was rising and it was going to be a beautiful day. She stood on her tip toes and stretched. Her black fur shimmered in the sunlight. She licked her white paws. She was proud of her special colors. It appeared that she wasDisplay

Puffer Bunny and the Escape to the Meadow

Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Puffer Bunny. He was so fluffy that everyone wanted to cuddle him. He lived with some kids in a comfortable bungalow. The kids were named BoBo, Bobby, and Kit. Bobby was especially fond of little Puffer because he had raised him from a baby. OneDisplay

PJ Frog’s Birthday

PJ frog opened his eyes to the bright sun of a new day. He stretched out his long legs and stuck out his tongue to taste the morning air. PJ hopped out of his bed onto the green, dew soaked leaves and raced to his mom’s nest nearby. “Wake up, mommy, wake up,” PJ shoutedDisplay

The Little Bird Who was Afraid to Fly

Once upon a time there was a little bird named Birdie and she was afraid to fly. She would hide all day and all night in the bushes, mostly because there were these big bully crows that would land on the ground in front of Birdie they would scare her and tease her by squawkingDisplay


Part the First Have you ever noticed how all of the best stories start with ‘Once upon a time’? And since this is one of the best stories, it has to start with ‘Once upon a time,’ too. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Morgan. Every afternoon a great big BearDisplay

Hard Decision

There was a Siberian husky, her name was Siberia. She had two friends. One was a Chihuahua, her name was Chichi. Her other friend was a Golden Retriever, her name was Goldie. She had fun with her friend One day Siberia and Goldie were going for a walk Chichi came by. She saw them walkingDisplay


By Paula Moore Once upon a time there was a smart little hamster named Hamilton. He lived in a butcher shop owned by a man named Mr. Roman. Mr. Roman didn’t pay much attention to Hamilton. Hamilton had no cage – he went anywhere in the shop he pleased. Mr. Roman would put out someDisplay

The Lion and a Mouse

One day a mouse was in search of food in the forest. While searching it came near the den of a lion and smelt something very good. Guided by the smell, it went inside the den and found several pieces of meat of an animal that was eaten by the lion. The mouse ate quiteDisplay


“When is he coming?” Joseph mumbled, looking down the trail for the third time. It was difficult being patient, especially when his legs itched to move forward. The boy always seemed to be waiting around for someone. Like dad who left last year, whose letters were rare as gold on the kitchen table. Finally, aDisplay


Morning’s stillness was broken by the strange, laughing call of a loon. Colin punched his granddad on the shoulder, their two-man tent getting warm from an early burst of sun. “Time to get up,” Colin whispered. “Listen. Listen.” His granddad quickly dressed and joined his grandson outside. He passed his binoculars to Colin. The boyDisplay

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