Wildfire |Chapter 2|


|Chapter 2|

'Hold my paw,' Fire told her sibling.
'Okie dokie!'  Lavender said, slipping her paw into Wildfire's.  'Stay beside me, and don't let go of my paw, because
the streets are always crowded on Mondays.'  Wildfire cast a worried look at her sister, who was now skipping al-
ong with her, trying to keep up with Fire's wide steps.  'Slow down!'  Lav cried when she nearly fell on her face aft-
er tripping on a rock.  'If you didn't save me, I would have lost you!'  She scolded Wildfire.

Ok, ok, I get it.

'Hear this, I promise I'll go a bit slower.  It's just I hate crowds.'  She glanced around the streets, trying to look over all the tall, furry heads walking past them.  'We're almost there.' She told her sister.  'Yay!' Cheered the little mouseling.  'I wonder if we'll meet anyone fun there!'

Uh huh

'Stay close, we're here.'  Lavender nodded her head.

Melons, melons.... I remember seeing them over.. There!

'Ok, stay by me, and don't go off with any strangers, got it?'  Especially not on your birthday.  Mother will never trust me if I lose you again.

'Yeah, yeah,'  Her sister replied, looking around the market, watching for anyone she could talk to. 'Ok, so,'  Fire turned around after she payed for the melons.  'Now,' She clenched her hand in fear.

Oh, no.

|End Of Chapter|


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