The Treasure Hunt

Amelia B

One day, Abraham was playing his favorite game, Subway Surfers. He was beating his high score and was concentrating hard. Soon, he crashed into a train and was a little disappointed, but he knew he could try again. He was about to press start when his sister Amelia called him from the living room. He stopped and ran over. She was standing over a golden box, with purple ribbons on the sides. “Woah! What is that?” Abraham cried. “I found this box on the front porch, so I brought it in.” Amelia explained. They both agreed to open the box and see what was inside. They counted to three and opened the box. Abraham was a little nervous to see what was in there, but he was really curious. They both held the lid and slowly lifted it. Inside was a paper with writing that said: “A clue for your treasure.” Abraham and Amelia both knew what this meant. “A treasure hunt!” They said at the same time. They were so excited. They read the writing on the paper. It said: “I spin your clothes clean. Your next clue is here.” They realized they had to find what the clue was talking about to find their next clue. They thought for a moment. Then, Amelia shouted out: “The washer and dryer!” Abraham understood now. They dashed downstairs and into the laundry room. They looked inside the washing machine and saw a piece of paper inside. They opened it and read the clue on the paper: “You look at me for entertainment. Your next clue is on me.” They thought about what entertained them. “The TV!” Abraham exclaimed. That made more sense to Amelia. They ran back upstairs to the family room. Their clue was taped onto the TV screen. It said: “Your treasure lies where Amelia lies at night.” “My bedroom!” She called out. They rushed upstairs and across the hall into Amelia’s room. Their parents were sitting on Amelia’s bed, next to so many toys and games. It was all the toys Abraham and Amelia wanted. “Surprise!” Their parents cheered. They explained that it was close to both Amelia and Abraham’s birthdays, so they decided to set up a fun hunt to find their presents. Both kids were very happy, and they knew they wouldn’t be asking for toys for a while.

The End


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