The Princess Ballerina


Princess Ballerina

Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away, there was a little princess who loved
ballet dancing.
She loved ballet so much that at home she would walk around on tippy toes, and she
could do all the moves, from the split to the twirl. She had many friends at her
school, and she loved all of them. There was Floss, then Mia then Lilly then Alexie
then Heidi Emilia, she was a celebrity. One day after the ballet class her teacher
called her into her office because she had something to tell her. Princess Ballerina
was a bit worried about what the teacher wanted to tell her. ‘Listen carefully Princess
Ballerina’, said the teacher. There is a ballet dance competition coming up and I
would really like you to enter the competition because you are very good. Princess
Ballerina smiled and said bid YES. And so, she started to practice her moves daily.

The night before the competition princess Ballerina’s mum said a little prayer with
her and told her that when you pray and believe in God everything is possible. The
next day it was the competition day, princess Ballerina put on her pink dress and her
ballet shoes, and she was very ready. She remembered the prayer she said to God,
and she remembered all her moves. She nailed all the moves, the crowd was
clapping, her mum was crying tears of joy, she looked into the audience and even
her dad had attended, and he was shouting “Come on my princess” “come on my
princess” and because her dad was very happy, he shouted out her real name by
mistake, her real name was not princess Ballerina. She finally won the competition
and they called her to get her trophy and that’s when her dad shouted again, ‘Come
on princess Elle’. Now they all knew her real name, princess Elle. She went back
home with her mum and dad, and they lived happily thereafter.


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