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Once upon a time there lived an elegant queen named Quinn and her fun loving daughter Cora. The two were not on the best of terms until they made a switch.

Chapter 1

One day, little Cora was with her mother Quinn going over her royal duties "mother can't we take a break, let's have some fun" she suggested. "This
is fun dear… back to work" her mother said. As Cora grew older she became more resentful of her duties, which angered her mother. "Why don't you want to be queen?" Quinn asked. "Because it's no fun!" Cora yelled.

They were unaware that their conversation was heard by the evil royal advisor Ethan, who wanted to get rid of them both, so that he could be King.
"You're going to be Queen whether it's fun or not, it's your duty," Quinn yelled back. "Tomorrow." "What do you mean?" Cora asked. "Prince Walter seeks your hand in marriage, and you will." "No, I won't do it," she said. "Too late, the wedding has been arranged." Cora was so upset she didn't speak to her mother for the rest of the day including dinner.

Chapter 2

Over dinner, Ethan had the servants make a delicious meal for all of them to celebrate for the wedding tomorrow. Later, he put a drop of poison in the Queen and Princess’ drinks. The two felt faint and fell to the floor. Ethan was now able to be king!

Only, the two were not dead but alive and switched in one another's bodies! They were shocked, but Cora took the advantage to venture out of the
castle for the first time in life and not do any royal duties. Quinn, on the other hand, kept to her Queen responsibilities and ran the kingdoms. This made Ethan very angry, for he needed another way to become King, and fast.

Chapter 3

The next day, Prince Walter arrived, which excited Cora, but not Quinn. Since they switched bodies, Quinn wanted to get rid of the prince, so that Cora wouldn't marry him. "You look beautiful princess," he said as he kissed her hand. "You should see her in the morning," Quinn told him. "Come Walter we have much to talk about," Cora said as the two walked through the castle.

Later, Cora and Walter became close, while Quinn tried to break them apart, but it was no use. She needed help, and turned to Ethan. "I need your
help Ethan.” “I need to get rid of the prince," she told him. "Why your majesty?" He asked Quinn. "I don't believe he's right for her," she said. "Alright, I'll help you," he said. "If you do something for me," he smiled evilly.

Chapter 4

That evening, Cora and Walter had the time of their lives discussing their royal duties, but also having fun. For Walter took Cora out around town on a date. She loved it, and realized she was falling in love with him! But she couldn't, for she was the Queen not the Princess! Soon, Quinn and Ethan caught up with the two and saw that they were in love. "No, he can't be in love with her.” “I mean me," she mumbled. "Ethan, do something," she ordered. "Relax your grace, I'll give him this." He showed her a potion he would pour in the Prince’s drink before the wedding "once he drinks this, he won't love Cora anymore."

As evening fell, Cora was ready to wed the Prince. "Is he everything you wanted?" Quinn asked her. "He's not everything I want, he's what you want dear. You have a lot in common." "He too disliked his royal duties and ventured out into the world and longs to share adventures with someone. You!

The church bells rang, and it was time for the wedding. Quinn hugged Cora. "Mother, thank you" she said. Before Cora walked down the aisle, Ethan congratulated the Prince with the drink. Only, he didn't drink it, for Quinn stopped him. "You don't need that Sire, you're getting married. You can have it afterwards," she said as she then poured the drink out the window.

Chapter 5

"What are you doing?" Ethan asked "he's gonna marry you" he reminded her. "I know it's time I take my place as Queen and do what's right" she said as she watched Cora walk down the aisle and reach Walter. "No!" Ethan yelled. "Don't marry her Sire!" He warned. "She's not who she says she is!" "What are you talking about?" Walter asked. "She's not the Princess, she's the Queen" he told him. Everyone was shocked, including Walter. "Is it true?" he asked Cora. "It's true, I'm not the Princess, she is," she said pointing to Quinn. "We switched body's somehow," Quinn told him. "By me!" Ethan said. "That was an accident, for you two were suppose to die! So that I could be king, and I will!" he said as he grabbed Quinn. "You will marry me and be my Queen. Together we will rule the kingdom!"

As he leaned in to kiss her, Walter kissed Cora in hopes it would turn them back to themselves. And it did! Cora was herself and Quinn was herself, too. By the power of true love, the spell was broken.

But Ethan still wanted to be King and tried to kiss Quinn, but was soon slapped by her, fired from his position as the adviser, and banished from the land.

Cora and Walter later married and Cora took her place as Queen with her mother's blessing and now have a stronger relationship then ever. They lived happily ever after.

The End

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