The Flying Unicorn

Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera



Sara was a unicorn.

She was a very special unicorn, and her tribe considered her one of the greatest creatures in the world, for Sara had wings, and she could fly.

Great big gossamer wings the color of moonlight, could take her soaring into the air above, her white body gleaming in the sun at day, and sparkling in the moon-and star-light at night.

She was a happy and good-natured animal and made friends with everyone, even humans. She liked little children, who always stared at her in wonder and delight. One little girl was her special friend. She lived just outside of the forest that Sara lived in. Her name was Minnie and she loved Sara with all her heart.

One day when they were walking in the forest, Minnie asked Sara, “Dear Sara, would you please, please, take me up with you into the great big sky? I want to see the world from up there. Please, Sara?”

“Of course, I will, my little friend. Would you like to go now?” Sara asked, looking down at Minnie.

“Yes please,” Minnie shouted, jumping up and down in excitement.

And so, with Minnie on her back, Sara flew off into the air, climbing higher and higher, with the little girl screaming in delight. She held on tightly to Sara and looked down at the ground that seemed so very far away. The houses and trees looked like toys. The river looked like a blue line drawn on one of her drawing pages. Birds flew past her chirping a friendly greeting and she waved at them in return.

Soon it was time to return to the ground, and when she landed she hugged Sara tightly and said, “Thank you so much, dear friend. That was lovely.”

© 2011 Jessica Gunawardena & Nicola Perera


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