How the Dolphin Got its Squeak

Katie Thompson

Once upon a time there was a dolphin named Chloe. Chloe is beige, black, and white. Chloe had a sister named Maddy and another sister named Victoria, and of course, a mom and dad.

One day, I think it was a Saturday, Chloe was watching water-wars and eating Bay's chips and when she talked well she didn't talk she meowed that is in these times dolphins squeak and cats meow. Any way, one day Chloe went to the bakery to get a loaf of seaweed bread.

On her way back, she stopped off at the bay to look for her friend the cat. This cat's name is Katie -- Katie is gray with a peach belly and she squeaked. Chloe couldn't find Katie. Dolphins have very good hearing so Chloe heard a faint yell, the yell sounded like Katie's voice. " HELP!" screamed Katie.

Chloe put Katie on the deck. Katie was alive "Thank goodness" shrieked Chloe in relief. Chloe went to hug Katie because Chloe was so happy that Katie was alive. When she hugged Katie, there were stars that appeared and they shined so bright that Katie jumped out of her fur and Chloe jumped into space!

When Chloe tried to meow, she squeaked and when Katie tried to squeak she meowed and to this day Katie and Chloe never did find out what happened but if you go to the ocean you can probably still hear the voice of Chloe and Katie.

By:Katie Thompson

To my best friend, Chloe and to her two sisters, Maddy and Victoria Johnston.


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