The Troll Treasure

Sirhc Rellim

On a island far, far away there lived an angry troll. This troll had been stranded on this island for many of years when his famous troll pirate ship hit the reef near the island in search of gold. The troll was very angry because instead of gold all he found was lumps of coal. He searched the island left and right but all he could find was huge deposits of coal. He used the coal to make fires and help him forage for wood and sticks for his shelter and ship repairs. As the days and night went on the troll got more and more upset because he felt he was never getting off the island. He tried every way to use his resources to repair his ship however it wasn't enough. So one day he just gave up and decided to make his home the cave in the center of the island and forgot about his dreams of being rich and leaving the island.
Many years had passed until one day a ship carrying a crew of forty men stumbled upon a lonely island that seemed to be uninhabitable. When they arrived on land they noticed remnants of someone who had once lived there. They noticed all the used coal and stored coal which someone had left behind. They sent half the fleet to search the island for anyone or anything they might find valuable. When the men reached the center of the island they noticed a dark cave which seemed to have trails leading in and out of it. So they went to explore the cave when they heard a large rumble come from the belly of the cave. The men were so frightened by what they heard everyone ran back to the ship to alert the captain of what had happened.
Meantime while the one group was searching the cave another group was digging into the island in the hopes of finding something useful. When all of a sudden the men dug out the biggest diamond anyone has ever seen. This diamond was even bigger then the Hope Diamond and was worth a boatload of money. As the men dug they uncovered more and more diamonds in which they loaded In the ship.
Once the captain heard the news of the strange sounds the one group heard exploring the caves he ordered all his men to take what they could of any diamonds and get ready to depart what they thought was a cursed island. The ship was filled with precious diamonds all the way until they ran out of space. With the news the captain ordered all men on the ship to set sail. When everyone was almost aboard the trees started moving and out came the angry troll who was very angry. Not only did these men disturb the troll at his home but they also took all the diamonds the island had which the troll was unaware of. The troll let out this awful grumble and said "These treasures are mine and if I can't have them nobody can". With that the troll lit a stick of dynamite which he had found in the hull of the ship and blew it to smithereens. Every man perished that day.
It is said that the troll and the diamonds are on the banks of the island still to this day. If anyone finds this island there are apparently diamond beaches and they will surely be wealthy. Legend has it that the troll didn't actually go down with the ship and he is still living on the island building his ship. One day he might very well finish his ship and sail out of the island with all his riches on board. I guess no one will ever know unless the find the island or the troll sailing his ship at sea.

The End


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