The Kingdom of Light

Rebecca Chamaa

The Kingdom of Light


In the Kingdom of Light there were twin boys named Shay and Dawn.

Shay and Dawn would play in the light of the sun, in the light of the stars, in the silvery light of the moon.

Wherever there was light, there were Shay and Dawn.

They would dip their toes in rays of sunshine.

They would twirl their fingers in the twinkle of stars.

They would swirl around in the glimmer and shimmer of moonlight.

Shay and Dawn were always together.

The boys loved each other very much and never tired of chasing beams of light from the moon, stars, or sun.

The boys had only one wish that they could be together forever in the light they loved so much.

Because the boys had this wish, they decided to visit the King of Light, and ask him to grant their wish.

One day they decided to make the journey to the King of Light's castle. It was a marvelous castle, shinning and twinkling like diamonds on the hillside.

The boys were granted entrance to see the King, and when they saw him, they nearly fell down because of his brightness.

The King was the most beautiful light they had ever seen.

He shone from head to foot. He seemed to walk on rays of light.

The King was brighter than the sun, twinkled more than the stars, and his glow out did the moon.

The King asked the boys, "why have you come to see me?"

And Shay and Dawn answered him by saying, "We have come to ask you to grant our wish. We love to play in the light together and we wanted to know if you would allow us to be together in the light forever?"

The King took a liking to the boys, and because they had traveled so far, and loved the light and each other so much, he decided to grant their wish.

The King said, "Because of your love for each other, I will grant your wish, for you and all people.

From now on you will be called Shadow, and you will follow all people when the light is bright.

That way your love will be a witness to everyone when they walk in the light of the sun, they will see their shadow, and remember the love you have for each other and for light."

© Copyright 2000 Rebecca Chamaa


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