Tropical Adventure in the Magic Shed

Sofia Omer

One bright sunny day Molly went to Sophie's house for a Sunday play date. “What are we going to play today?” Molly asked. ”How about football? It is the World Cup these days!” And with that they happily skipped to the back yard. They were having a lovely time until the ball hit the magic shed. At that moment Sophie felt a tingle of excitement. ”We haven’t been in the shed for a long time!” Dearest readers, Molly and Sophie have had many adventures in the magical shed but, you see, they had checked several times and hadn’t found any magical signs during the past few weeks.

Molly ran to the loose plank but slipped on a thick green leaf. Molly and Sophie went into the tunnel when suddenly Sophie said ”The tunnel is getting more humid and tropical leaves are coming on my face. We are probably going to a tropical rainforest!” She had guessed correctly as they passed a wooden sign marked ‘The Amazon rainforest’ and entered the tropical land. ”Molly!” screamed Sophie, “you’re a tiger!” Just then Molly spotted a lake nearby and looked at her reflection and saw a big fury body with black stripes and two cat ears perched on her head!

A few seconds later they heard footsteps drawing nearer and nearer. Molly and Sophie hid in a big bush close to a patch of trees. The footsteps belonged to loggers. Bit by bit they watched the men cut down the beautiful trees. After the men left ,Sophie asked Molly “Do you think we’re here to stop deforestation?” Molly nodded worriedly. “So first we need to warn the animals...and you should do it” finished Sophie and with that Molly made a loud ”ROOOAR!” ”I will follow the men and find out what they’re doing and who they are.” Sophie told Molly and ran into the trees.

After a few moments, right in front of Molly were fierce tigers, colorful toucans, golden toads and rare pink dolphins in a stream near by. ”Are you OK?” Asked a pink dolphin. “Yes but I saw some men come and cut a beautiful part of the forest. Do you know who they are?” asked Molly. ”They are loggers, people whose job is to cut down trees!” Exclaimed a gold toad. ”And if they keep this up we’ll have no where to live!” Added a tiger.

Sophie was quietly following the men until they stopped in front of a huge tent. Next to the tent there was a large chair with a mean, skinny man on it and he said “Dubai ordered 200kg of wood and you brought 100kg bring 100kg by sunset or else...” Sophie rushed into the forest and said to the men ”You have to stop cutting down trees, it's hurting the animals that live here!” “Move over girl! We only take orders from our boss.” After that they moved to the next group of trees. Sophie ran to Molly and told her that the loggers weren’t listening. Molly told Sophie about a plan that the animals were going to surround the loggers then Sophie could talk to them and that’s exactly what they did. When the loggers looked to their left there was a patch of trees with angry toucans ready to peck. When they looked to their right, there were growling tigers! And when they thought of jumping into the river behind them there were pink dolphins soaking them from head to toe and finally Sophie in front of them. Suddenly Sophie said “Amazon rainforest is protected. What you’re doing is illegal and if you don’t stop I'll report you to the police, but I won’t call them if you help us call the Dubai company and tell them what's going on,” finished Sophie. Some loggers were convinced and immediately took out their phones and told the company that the trees they are getting are from the Amazon Rainforest. Sophie had a great idea and took the phone from one of the loggers and gave the company the idea of making the biggest greenhouse in the whole world since Dubai already has the world’s tallest building and biggest mall. The company immediately agreed because they loved greenery in the desert and the loggers’ boss went to jail.

The animals were grateful and and threw a party with tropical fruit like mangoes, dragon fruit, durian, pineapples and bananas and lots of orchid flowers. A tiger gave Sophie and Molly a golden seed to plant at their home as a present. “When it's a tree, it will have gold leaves” he said. Sophie and Molly happily said thank you and good bye. They went through the tunnel and sat down on their bed for a well earned rest. The next day, they carefully planted their seeds and thought of their Rainforest Adventure.

Written by Sofia Omer (8 years old)


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