Cutest Wonder of the God

Santosh Kumar Jain

Cutest Wonder of God
Long back there lived a family of four with two kids named Jack and Prince. They lived in a small hilly town since their childhood, so a town with flat land was beyond their Imagination. Jack was 8 Years old and Prince was 2 years older than Jack. Their house was situated uphill and near the boundary of their house was a small garden with plants bearing beautiful flowers.  This garden was maintained mostly by their Grandpa. Unlike our houses, the boundaries of their house had no adjacent flat land but only deep slopes surrounding all sides. From the roof of their house they were able to see the statue of Jesus Christ, built on the roof of their School. Whenever Jack and Prince played on the terrace of their home, they bowed their heads to greet Jesus Christ and also remembered their teachers. Despite the school being visible from their home, it took an hour for them to reach their school. They had to go downhill, steep through narrow path ways. It took about 30 minutes to reach the Flatter area of the hill town and then they had to climb up the hill, zigzagging all the way, toting their heavy backpacks, which took another 30 minutes. They felt like mountaineers hiking to school each day.  People like us pay heavily for such hiking adventures but this was routine for those who lived in this small hilly town. We have all seasons in a row after a gap of 3 months each. Here, they experienced all seasons almost every day. Generally at the dawn of each day, they had clear skies welcoming the Sun in a pleasant mood. It looked like a painting of the pleasant blue sky against an orange ball of sun with rays symmetrically spreading out to an infinite distance. It also resembled an energetic baby smiling at the Universe. As the day progressed, the sun reached an extreme temperature with furrowed eyebrows in an expression of anger. The people of this hilly town stayed in their home between 2 and 4 pm to avoid the Sun’s angry mood. When the Sun got tired of throwing hot balls from the morning, it began to fade into evening giving way to the cool of the Moon. As the day would come to the end of its journey, Clouds rushed together and began to drizzle.  The smell of freshness diluted the surroundings and drops of water settled on the leaves, weighting them down to capacity. People of this town kept their umbrellas handy to prepare for the changing moods of the day and to protest them from the Sun and Rain.
Jack being younger received many more Concessions than the Prince and due to this he had a negative nature and was always crying for one reason or another. While going to School one day, Jack met an Old man who was in deep trouble as blood oozed out of his wound.  He cried out in severe pain, “Please help me young boy!” Jack said, “I'm sorry Mr. Old man, I have to go to school and if I'm late, the Teacher will not allow me to appear in the final exam of moral science.” The old man said, “Son, I am in deep trouble and if you do not help me, it means you do not have any moral values at all.” Jack stopped for a moment and thought the old man’s words were true. He immediately stopped and reached into the specially stitched pocket of his backback to take out his First Aid kit. He cleaned the old man's wound with the antiseptic solution from his kit.  The old man was relieved by the gentle care that Jack provided. His pain subsided and he praised Jack's efforts, thanking God for giving birth to a child like Jack.
As Jack was treating the old man, he didn’t notice the old man's expression. As he glanced at his watch, he realized it was now 0900 am. He would be half an hour late to school. He patted the shoulder of the old man and said, “now that you are safe, please visit the doctor or should I ask my teacher to send a doctor to this place?” The old man replied, “No, little boy, I can now go to the doctor myself. Thank you very much for your help, you are the Cutest Wonder God ever created.” Jack didn’t understand anything the old man said except ”Cutest Wonder of God.” He rushed to school where he was scolded by the teacher and wasn't allowed to take the final exam. The Teacher didn’t even give Jack a chance to explain why he was late. Although he was down, he did not feel guilty or sad but was happy that he helped the old man. He knew what he did was right. When the results of the final exams were announced, he was sure that he would fail the moral science exam. The Principal began to announce the results . . . Saily got 3rd position, Tom got 2nd position, but this year there was no 1st rank holder. And nobody failed. Jack was surprised by this and was about to leave for home. Suddenly, an old man appeared on the Stage and took the microphone. “The Cutest Wonder of God" please come to the stage. The Children nor the teachers understood, “Who was the Cutest Wonder of God?"  The old man narrated the incident of that day as everyone listened in silence without even moving their eyelids. The Principal was overwhelmed by the act of kindness and declared Jack the Best Student and the 1st Rank Holder. Jack was delighted and thought about what his father once told him. “The sky is the limit!" But on that special day, it seemed that Jack went beyond the "limit of the sky."

Written By Santosh Jain


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