A Forgiving Friend

Tim Boyles

There once was a very nice boy named Tim. Tim had nice hair. Tim had a friend named Maura who also had nice hair. Maura wasn’t very nice to Tim.

One day the two friends went to get a haircut together. Tim’s haircut was great and he loved it, but Maura didn’t like hers at all. She was so upset.

Tim told Maura that he liked her hair but Maura didn’t want to talk. Tim tried to give Maura a hug but she screamed and cried and hit Tim in the face. Tim was so sad. He ran all the way home to his mother.

By the time he got home tears were running down his face and his mother knew something was wrong. When she calmed him down she told him that he should forgive his friend. She explained that even though what Maura did was mean, Tim should forgive her and give her another chance.

So the next day Tim found Maura and told her that he forgave her for hitting him in the face. Maura said she was sorry and gave him a hug. Tim told Maura that he liked her hair and Maura said that she liked Tim’s too. From that point on the two were great friends again.

They went straight to the ice-cream shop and shared a milkshake.

©2012 Tim Boyles


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