My holiday to Goa

Anika Dhapola

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Emma.  She lived with her parents and her younger brother, Lucas.  They all were going on a road trip to Goa.  All of them were very excited!  They got into the car and went on the pleasant road. “Father how long will it take to reach there?” said Emma.  “At least 8-9 hours.”  Said Emma’s dad.  “Oh, that is a lot!!” said Lucas in surprise.  They listened to music, had snacks, stopped to have some food and took a lot of photos on the way to Goa. “This is so fun!” said Emma’s mother happily. They all were having a lot of fun in the car.

*9 hours later*

“We are in Goa!!” said Emma’s father excitedly. “Oh, yay!!  I am so excited to reach the hotel!!” said Emma in joy!  All of them looked so excited and happy!!  “Guys!! I have big news for you!!” said Emma’s mother excitedly.  “What?  What? Please tell me!!” said Emma in joy!  “We are here!  We have reached our hotel!!” said Emma’s mother happily.  “No way!!” said Lucas overjoyed. “Come on get out of the car now!!  Time to go!!” said Emma’s dad.  They all got out of the car and were heading to the hotel’s reception.

“Hi, I had booked this hotel today.” Said Emma’s dad.  “Yes sir, your room number is 283.  Here is your card to open it.  If you want the house keeping to come and move something, there will be a book with all the numbers for the house keeping, the reception and the restaurant.”  Said the lady in the reception.  “Surely!” said Emma’s mother.  They all entered their room.  It was looking beautiful!  “Wow! I love this!!  Said Emma happily.  “Let’s first quickly unpack our stuff and then go to the pool!” said Emma’s mother.

They quickly unpacked their stuff and went right into the pool.  It was very hot outside.  They all were very happy that they finally reached their hotel and now were relaxing!  The next day they woke up brushed their teeth, took a bath and wore fresh clothes.  They were heading to eat breakfast.  “Can we get some pasta, egg and bread and some pancakes please?” said Emma’s father sweetly to the waiter.  “Sure sir!” said the waiter.  After 5 minutes the food arrived.  They all were hungry and started eating.  Once they finished their food they were going back to their hotel.  After some time all of them decided to go to the beach.

“It is so sunny outside! This is the best time to go to the beach.” Said Emma.  All of them agreed and went to the beach.  The next day, they were going to go to a beach which has a seafood restaurant.  The beach was very nice and not at all crowded!  “Oh!  Wow look there is a boat there!!”  Said Emma.  “Ya!!  It is very tiny because it is far away.”  Said Lucas.

They all entered the seafood restaurant.  It was beautiful looking!  “Wow! look at all this yummy food!!” said Emma’s father looking at the food.  They all finished their food quickly because it was very late, and the restaurant is gonna close.

Tomorrow was the last day to stay in Goa.  They did a lot of stuff, like go to the pool, go to the water park next to the pool, go to play giant chess which was there, spend their time playing games, taking photos and a lot more!  They had to go home now.  They packed all their stuff and went wooooosh!

Then they lived happily ever after!!


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