Just an Ordinary Boy

Joshua Hubbard

Just an Ordinary Boy

“Getting bullied again, are we?” asked Mr Thompson unsympathetically. “Yes I am,” replied Ben in a low and nervous voice. “Well, we will deal with this next week; keep on writing in your feelings diary.” Ben skulked out of the unpredictable Headmaster’s office, whilst fiddling with the wrecked sleeves of his jumper (this was something even the Headmaster liked to pick on.)

Spontaneously, the awful bullies strolled around the corner… Ben hid with fear. As soon as the bullies ambled weirdly passed, Ben dashed into the classroom and sat down, like a cat chasing a mouse. However Ben forgot his awesome bag. He was shaking a lot. Ben really didn’t want to step out that mammoth door. Slowly, Ben got up and peered around the door but didn’t realise the bullies were the other side. Charlie was feeling pugnacious, like a tiger ready to pounce. The hooligans grabbed Ben and dragged him over to the lockers; Ben was petrified.

“Go away,” whimpered Ben.

“You’re such a wuss,” sniggered Tyrese whilst holding his torn, ragged and rampaged bag. The bullies threw roughly Ben’s bag into his face. A nose bleed – only his third this month.

Ben rushed to the bathroom to avoid more embarrassment. As soon as he got into the cubicle, Ben threw up into the toilet; it was horrid. Ben sauntered out of the cubical, frightened someone was going to heavily laugh at him. Ben crept around the corner still looking behind, checking if anyone was going to sneak up on him. As soon as Ben got into the classroom, everyone turned off and went silent. He sat down feeling mortified, whilst noticing the bullies staring at him, laughing.
About halfway through the lesson, Ben started getting out of breath and his heart was pounding rapidly. On the way home from a horrendous day at school, Ben was walking clumsily down the path towards his house. Little did he know, something was coming for him that he wasn’t expecting. Worse than the bullies.

For five consecutive days, the chest pain was sneaking into his body – swiftly, as in second by second, the pain was becoming more and more intense. How has he kept this a secret from his parents? It was on the sixth day, whilst trying to walk normally, he fainted with terror. He was in school when this incident occurred, no more than a metre away from Tyrese and Charlie…

Steadily, Ben opened his eyes and saw a luminous white wall, doctors, other children crying. As he eased himself up, the closest doctor pushed him back down in bed, telling him to take it easy.

<em>Meanwhile at school Charlie and Tyrese were feeling awfully guilty. Were they to blame for this brutal incident? </em>

As the doctor slowly put the needle in Ben’s backhand, he immediately went to sleep as quickly as someone running away from a bear. Curiously, his mum wandered over to the clipboard, containing all of Ben’s medical information, it said ‘Diagnosis – Rheumatic Heart Disease! Further tests needed.’ Ben’s mum clutched at her own heart in horror…

Sneakily, in the middle of the night whilst his mother slept, Doctors were taking Ben out into ‘The Room’ that had an unimaginable amount of tools, pins, needles. Trying to not let the Doctors observe that he had his eyes open, Ben was only just conscious. Ben was discovering this secret room while the Doctors were getting their gloves and goggles on. But it was too late. One of the doctors knocked over a poisonous potion, flaring all over Ben. Ben believed his life had come to an end…

An hour after Ben had died, spontaneously his eyes started to flicker at the same moment the machines started rhythmically beeping once more. It was a miracle; his mum couldn’t believe it - he was the first boy to come back to life. Without hesitation, Ben sat up feeling completely fine like nothing had happened.

The next day everyone was really confused. Ben was on the news - ‘First Human To Come Back To Life’. After that day, everyone rushed home and quickly and switched on the news. Ben was everywhere. The next day, the whole school got pieces of paper and sprinted, like they never could before, to Ben to ask questions. Ben was famous. To him, it was like a dream come true.


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