The Brave Girls

Anshi Dhapola

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived in a kingdom ruled by Queen Milly. This kingdom was named as Monoly. She was living happily with her grandparents in Monoly. She loved her grandparents a lot. Her name was Sarah. She had a friend named Lucy. They loved to play together. They played day and night. In the recent past, they were not playing together because their kingdom was in great danger. In danger of the great monster named King Kill [KK], who had captured their Queen Milly. Everyone was in panic and tension. KK was master shape shifter and his secret disguise was Uncle John. One day he turned into Uncle John and wanted to trick all the children in the kingdom. The same day, Sarah and Lucy saw some of their going in a cart with Uncle John and decided to join them. Uncle John took them to a house and gave them a drink which had sleep potion. He locked them up. After they woke up they didn't understand where they were and then realised they were trapped in a magic castle. They started screaming, panicing and banging the door. Suddenly, Sarah noticed Queen Milly in the same cell. She started grabbing attention to let the other kids know that their Queen was in the same cell. Lucy And Sarah removed the tape on her mouth and untied her. She had a phone so she tried called the soldiers to come and free her. But, before she could call her soldiers, the soldiers of KK disconnected her and she noticed KK outside the cell. He opened the door and snatched the phone from Queen Milly. When he left the cell, Sarah got an idea. She got an idea of sending the smallest and thinnest kid out through a crack in the door with a hairpin and ask her to open the door. She slowly slid through the crack and opened the door. Lucy and Sarah were the first ones to go out and Sarah noticed KK's magical wand, which if broken destroys KK. She quickly sprung into action and broke the wand. KK turned into powder in front of their eyes and Queen Milly was given back her powers. All children were very happy. Sarah and Lucy were awarded for their bravery. The kingdom was safe and the citizens of the kingdom stayed happily ever after....


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