Lottie and the Fabulous Whale.

Philip Sherborne
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It was a fine sunny day. Lottie and her dog Max were in their beach hut. As they sat Lottie's mind wandered and she looked out to sea. There, in the distance, she saw the large bulky of a huge whale. All of a sudden it blew a fountain from it blow hole. To her delight she quickly realised it was not water it was glitter!
It was the most fabulous whale in the world. Lottie ran down to the beach as fast as her Goochie flip flops would carry her! She called to the whale, called him by name because she knew who he was and I hope you do too, dear reader.
"Fabulous Whale" she yelled! "Fabulous Whale please come to over here". To Lotties delight he turned and with a fountain of glitter swam right towards her.
The Fabulous Whale swam right up the beach, just as close as he dared get to little Lottie. His big head swayed side to side as he tried to focus on her with both eyes. Eventually he settled down to peering with one eye bigger than her head.
"Hello Fabulous Whale" she said.
"Hellloooooo Looottie bellowed the fantastic creature "How is my little friend today?"
"Not very well unfortunately Whale."
"Awwww poor Lottie " the whale crooned, he let out a sympathetic moan that resonated through the beach and made it feel like she was stood on a giant purring cat.
"Can you help me Whale?" she asked sadly.
"Wellllll there is one very special thing I can do". With that he turned and swam back out to sea.
Lottie watched, fascinated, as he swam away. Just before he disappeared out of sight, as she thought he was leaving her, he turned back. As he came he got deeper and faster. He swam faster and faster all the while staying close to the bottom. Faster he rushed until suddenly he turned straight up and lept into the air! He turned his bulky body impossibly gracefully and then came down in the world's biggest belly flop!
A wave of water careered away from him crashing over the beach and Lottie.
When she had cleared her eyes of sea water Lottie looked up just in time to see the whale turning to leave. He called back "Goood byeee Lottie I hope it works". She felt a strange tingle run right through her whole body. Lottie giggled and was happy to have spoken to her friend but wondered when the magic would work and she wouldn't be ill.
The whale swam away very pleased with himself. He knew that he was definitely oh so fabulous but he wasn't magic. He couldn't cure Lottie, that tingle wasn't magic, it was sea water getting into her pants. Though he could make his friend feel better and that's what mattered really.


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