An Owl Scared of Lightening And Thunder

Shalini sasha

Once upon a time, there was an owl who was very friendly and lived in a large home.  Everyone loved to sleep over on Friday nights. Although she was a little naughty, she always listened to her Mom. She asked lots of questions and shared her hopes and fears. Her mom tried to teach her about life.  Although her mom warned her specifically about safety, the little Owl always wanted to try things on her own rather than listen to her mom's advice.  Owl's curiosity tested her mom's patience at times.

Like this, playfully when she tried to see the lightning,she learnt a lesson that not to double check whatever mom says.Whatever Mom says,its all for our good.Now understand the causes and effects of trying all things in practical.

Only that time she is very scared and ask her mom to forgive her not to repeat this mistake. From that day onwards she stop testing whatever her mom says.She stopped checking the idea of learning everything in practical ways.

One day, when her friends were sleeping over, the clouds came rolling in and the wind began to howl.  As the night grew dark, Owl and her friends wanted to have some fun watching the rain beat against the window panes and feel the energy from the window panes.  The storm grew worse as lightening lit up the sky and thunder roared. They were engulfed by fear but wanted to watch the storm. Owl's mom asked them to step away from the window so no one would get hurt.  They ignored her request and continued to watch as the drops of rain beat down harder and harder.  All of a sudden, they heard a loud clap of thunder followed by a bright flash of lighting. After this, little Owl couldn't see anything but bright white. she was very frightened and her friends called for her mom.  Her mom ran from the kitchen and took Owl to the hospital nearby.  The Doctor checked her out and told her that there was nothing to worry about and she'd be fine within the hour.  All she needed was a little rest.

The End

Moral:  We cannot learn everything on our own and we need to listen to our parents to minimize dangerous situations.  Parents should also continue to listen to their children and address their curiosity.


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