Dance Ava Dance!

Simmone Sandeep Patil

One day, there was a girl named Ava. She is good at dancing, and she was scared to show her mother that she was a good dancer. At school, Ava told her friend Jade, that "I'm scared to show my mother that I'm a good dancer". But Jade said " I know you're scared ,but your mother will love it no matter what" Ava said 'thanks". A day later, she showed her mother that she is a good dancer. Her mother said "I love it!" Ava was so happy, she gave her mom a hug. Then her mother asked "would you love to go to the competition?" "Yes!" said Ava. Ava knew she had to train before the competition. Ava then joined the national dance team " The Blazing Stars." She made some weird, funky, creative, and talented new friends. Since the day Ava joined the "Blazing Stars", she gained more confidence in herself. She realized that you should never hide your true talent. Finally, the day of the competition arrived. The whole city of Guanajuato was there to watch the dance tournament. The first person to go was Ava! Ava got so scared she started to panic. But her mom came to her and said " This is what you were meant to do. Go shine my darling". Ava smiled and went to the dance floor. Her team yelled " Dance Ava Dance!" After all of the teams had performed their dance routine, they announced the winner. Ava won! She won the national dance gold medal for her whole team! They all shouted her name in joy saying " Ava did it!"


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