Captain Ren's Trip to Mars

Ren loves space. But what does he bring back when he returns from a trip to Mars? You can find more free books at

Explorer Ella's Magic Forest

Wonderful insects and mystical plans lead Explorer Ella to the best surprise ever! Discover what it is in this magical new story. You can find more free books at

The Troll Treasure

On a island far, far away there lived an angry troll. This troll had been stranded on this island for many of years when his famous troll pirate ship hit the reef near the island in search of gold. The troll was very angry because instead of gold all he found was lumps of coal.Display

Monster in the Jungle

Monster in the Jungle Once upon a time a wise lion lived in the jungle.  He was always respected for his intelligence and kindness.  All the animals used to go to him to discuss their problems.  He was the best king they could ever had. a few miles away from the jungle there was anDisplay

Good morning, fish

From the time I was little, I remember catching glimpses of my grandpa heading out into the forest early in the morning before the sun had risen, when most of the earth’s inhabitants were not even beginning to stir. He would carry a small pack, which I knew held a pencil and a notepad. SometimesDisplay

Pride revisited

There was a little chick in a cage. While some people thought it was lonely, other birds knew it was proud. His master was worried about the cold nights closing in on the season as leaves were beginning to strip the green off the trees. The little chick felt proud in its cage because thereDisplay

Uncertain travels

There was once a gorgeous snake on one side of a lake that wanted to go to the other side of the lake. The snake always saw dolphins playing in the lake. This time, however, for the first time ever, it rattled to tell a dolphin to come over for goodness sake. The snake saidDisplay

Ravi the Rickshaw – Monsoon

RAVI THE RICKSHAW – MONSOON A wise old man is slowly riding his rusty, old-fashioned bicycle into the village square. He has all his worldly goods tied up in bundles of white cloth, attached to the handlebars and even tucked behind the saddle. Babu travels from village to village and he has obviously been hereDisplay

Phoenix Adventure in the Magic Shed

Molly and Sophie were best friends. They were neighbours and loved exploring. You might remember them from their mermaid adventure. Molly went to Sophie’s house with the magic wooden shed. “It’s taking forever for the pancakes to get done cooking.” said Sophie swaying her dark brown hair. “Hey! We could go play in the inDisplay

A Face in the Clouds

A fishing trip will be good for you,” mom said. “You never go anywhere anymore. This is your chance to get out in the woods. Now scoot. ” James didn’t know his neighbor that well, even if he did deliver his early morning paper. He couldn’t even spell the guy’s name, let alone pronounce it.Display

Dinosaurs In My Bed

  Andrew lay shivering in his bed. The sky was alive with booming sounds and brilliant flashes just outside his window.   Fifteen minutes ago he asked, “Mom, will the storm last long?”   “Please, don’t worry,“ she said. “The weatherman promised it would pass over Truro quickly. Now get some sleep.”   Except itDisplay

The Secret Club

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ria. She had a dog-called Johnny. One night Ria saw her dog was wearing a suit and walking on 2 feet. Ria was very shocked. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She went to her dog and said, “Oh my God! Is this really happening? Johnny!Display

A Seaside Adventure (Ears Mouse)

“Ears Mouse” “Book 3” “A Seaside Adventure” It was a beautiful sunny day and Ears Mouse was eating a lovely thick slice of homemade toast, with his very favourite homemade Damson jam. He had made the Damson jam himself from fruits that had fallen the previous autumn and it had turned out very nice. HeDisplay

A Rainbow Rider’s Fall to Yorn

A Rainbow Rider’s Fall to Yorn Raina is a rainbow rider. She lives in the sky and, whenever sunshine and rain come together, she rides their rainbow down to earth. Raina’s journey may be only a moment or last many minutes, but it is always magical. She glides through the air on top of theDisplay


  Joe liked hikes. And this one was going to be really cool. Ted, his best pal was here. Other friends included Martin, Greg and Josh. Mr. Maxwell was the group church leader. And his assistant Larry was also Joe’s big Brother. They all crawled into the Safari Wagon. Each kid tumbled around until theyDisplay

Night Dream

NIGHT DREAM “If you’re that worn out, then go to bed,” mom said. And I did, even if darkness didn’t come creeping yet outside my window. My arms were so weak I couldn’t get my socks off. They kept sticking to my feet. So I crawled under the covers. When I’m very tired, I dream…Display

A pet bee

Once, a flower in the Loch Ness had petals taken by the wind, with colors bearing messages, parading far into the sea. Petals made friends with tides, and taught them to go onward, from land to land on hillsides, from lake to lake downstream. Those petals came resting closer, on marsh they knew soft breeze,Display


The Adventures of Rupert the Rock: The Beginning Ep. 1

The Adventures of Rupert the Rock: The Beginning Ep.1 There once was a rock named Rupert the Rock, he was born in Kannus, Finland. His mommy and daddy were financially troubled because the mining business didn't pay very well. Rupert the Rock was getting older and his parents were having trouble supporting him, also whileDisplay

The Cabin by the Lake

THE CABIN BY THE LAKE Annie, Martin, Nora and William were camping out with their parents. They would be living in the cabin by the lake for three days and the children were very excited. When they got to the lake, they gazed in wonder at the water sparkling in the sun, at the brightDisplay

At Red Rock

AT RED ROCK The red spool held in the boys’ hands twirled rapidly as the kite tugged. “Let the line out slowly,” dad said. “You don’t want to use it all at once.” “But dad,” Colin answered, “I want it to go higher and faster.” His face was sunburned as the sandy Red Rock onDisplay

The Paper Boy

THE PAPER BOY A clump of hair smacked across Colin’s face. The wind even tried wrestling him to the ground. Instead of newspapers, it felt as if Colin’s news-bag was full of Nova Scotia potatoes. Maybe it had to do with the news dad read before Colin left the house. The morning headlines were fullDisplay

Broo in Nahloo

Broo in Nahloo In the magical land of Nahloo, there were bright blue skies with clouds like spun sugar and tiny red birds that fluttered together in groups of eight. The mountains were covered with tall trees that smelled of maple syrup and their peaks were surrounded by swirling purple mist. The ponds on NahlooDisplay

When Eagles Soar

WHEN EAGLES SOAR A ten year-old Aboriginal boy should be full of laughter, but not Jay. He is sad. His father who is White, just died. It’s not nice when children call Jay “White Eyes” at school. “You are Mi’kmaq my son. Your heart is Native, no matter what your skin speaks. Kisu’lk weswalata, ourDisplay

Lenny the Flying Inventor

Once upon a time there was a funny guy named Lenny.  Lenny was an inventor. He invented all kinds of contraptions. His house looked like a mess, but he had some really cool things. One day Lenny decided he wanted to fly. “I am going to invent some wings and fly,” Lenny told his friendDisplay

Green Pants

Joey O’Leary, an Irish boy, lived in a very small town with his mother, father and two younger sisters. He was born many years ago, even before the invention of the computer, maybe as much as twenty years ago. Joey’s father was a school teacher and his mother, most of the time was a homemaker, though she did sellDisplay

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