The Scolding Little Bird


It was early in the morning. The Little bird woke up with the sudden increase in the volume of her mother’s voice. The little bird came out of the nest and heard her mother scolding her sister for not dusting her nest. The words of scolding appealed this little bird like a sweet music on that day. The entire day it had used these words – you stupid, dirty fellow, rascal, useless fellow, lazy creature, filthy animal, etc.

The way it uses these words to scold amuses others rather than hurting them.

Like a wild fire the news about the amusing way of scolding by this little bird has spread in the forest. The animals big and small, the big birds, even the big insects have planned to visit this bird and get scolded by it.

On the second day came the elephant – the first animal to get the scolding from this little bird. The little bird scolded the elephant continuously for three minutes. Seeing this little bird scolding, the elephant rolled on the floor with peels of laughter. Seeing the elephant in that condition the little bird further added some unknown words to add to the abuses. This made the elephant gasp for its breath.

The elephant spread the news of the amusing way of scolding by the little bird further by adding its own experience. The entire forest has been buzzing with this news and the several animals including the lions have started journeying towards this little bird’s place.

Several animals waiting to see the process of scolding keenly surrounded the neem tree on which this little bird lives. Since the Lion was the king there, it has decided to get the scolding first. The mother of the little bird, brought the little bird and made it sit on a small stone. The lion approached the little bird and greeted by waving its head front and back. The little bird got annoyed and started scolding it as usual.

The lion was not able to control its laughter. Seeing the struggle of the lion all the animals watching this unique scolding event started laughing. The lion’s laughter increased and ended with a big roar. That made the little bird to stop scolding and it hugged its mother saying, “I shall never scold any one from now on”

All the animals scolded the lion for this and disbursed to their places

©2007 IVNS Raju


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