The Two Squirrels with A Big Coconut


In a forest there were two squirrels living happily in the coconut plantation. One day the entire coconut plantation was disturbed by the powerful gale winds. These winds have swept the ay coconuts fully and in minutes the ground was helter-skelter with baby coconuts.

The squirrels felt happy at once but soon realized that all the baby nuts have fallen along with the flowering bunches and for the coconut trees to flower again and for these flowers to become nuts would take quite a time.

What to do? They ate the coconuts and fell asleep. After three days it becomes really difficult to eat only the fallen baby coconuts as they taste differently. Along with the baby coconuts some grown up coconuts too had fallen down. They are several in numbers some are very good and ready to consumption.

The squirrels tried to peel out the husk of a coconut in vain and they got tired. Seeing them in that condition Dr. Dove approached them and inquired about their problem.

Ok, do not worry I can help you solve the problem. All that I want you both to do is to peel out the husk at the back of the nut so that you can drink the water and work further.

The squirrels got encouraged with this advice and did as advised. Soon they found a tender place in the nut that needs to be pierced to access the water. Then Dr. Dove held the coconut tightly and pierced it with its beak. The water spilled out. The squirrels in turn drank the water and felt refreshed.

Now you should start removing the remaining husk around the nut so that I can help you break it – said Dr. Dove.

We cannot break the nut as its shell is very hard: said one of the squirrels. Do not worry I have an idea for that too.

Soon the squirrels resumed their work and with in an hour they are about to peel out the husk fully. Then Dr. Dove asked them to retain the husk at one end in tact. They did the same way and jumped on the nut and rolled it all around.

Now we shall bring you a rope and we shall tie it to this nut at its end that has still got some husk. I have an idea: yelled a squirrel.

What is it? inquired Dr. Dove.

There is a money plant that crept on the neem tree nearby it has got several rope like branches. I can cut one of it and bring it over here.

Soon the squirrels brought a long rope like branch of a money plant and removed its leaves.

The squirrels themselves tied the coconut to the rope like branch of money plant and waited for further instructions.

Perching on the nearby banyan tree Dr. Dove thought for a while, flew down and picked up the other end of the trimmed money plant branch with its beak and alighted on the same branch.

Come up and join me : said Dr. Dove

Soon the squirrels joined Dr. Dove on the branch of the banyan tree.

Now lets slowly lift the coconut up. They lifted the coconut up.

Now lets through it down all at once by holding on to this end of the rope.

As the squirrels are getting ready Dr. Dove told them to wait and listen.

We must through it down in such a way that it falls exactly on the stone beneath so that it breaks.

In the first attempt they failed. The nut got untied. They tied the nut again and tried again.

The second attempt was a great success. The nut got broken.

Now you can go down and feast on….

Saying this Dr. Dove flew away.

Thank you Dr. Dove you have helped us to learn the trick of breaking these hard coconuts and eat. You have also helped us to survive. Thank you so much: Shouted back the squirrels in joy.

©2007 IVNS Raju


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