Acrostic: Fall

Floating down from the trees, And dancing on a colorful breeze. Leaping and twirling on this autumn day, Leaves are performing their golden ballet. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 0

Bedtime is Here

When bedtime is here, Mommy always says, “You better get ready, my, dear.” “Your teeth should shine and sparkle bright, and your jammies should be zipped up tight.” When bedtime is here, I always say, “You better get ready, Mommy, dear.” “Your lullaby should be a sweet, sweet song, and your story should be very,Display

Brush, Brush

Brush, brush, Zip, zip, Tuck, tuck, Kiss, kiss, Cuddle, cuddle, Close, close, Snuggle, snuggle, Doze, doze. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 0


I have a real nice bed That I love beyond belief And a pillow that will talk to me When I cannot fall asleep. But the blanket that I have You will just have to see. If I pull it up to warm my neck Then my feet are free. If I roll to myDisplay

A Tiny Bird

A tiny bird, A soft humming heard, But it’s gone so fast, In a ruby red flash. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 2+

I See Pink

I see pink and I see red, I see hearts strung up above my head. There’s Cupid with an arrow, That means something I know. There’s cupcakes on my teacher’s desk, And we get to skip our math test! Why are things this way? Because it’s Valentine’s Day! ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 3+

Carol (A Christmas Acrostic)

Come on let's sing, A song fit for a king. Ring a bell–hear it ting-a-ling On this joyous night spreading God's news around, Let's all go a-caroling, a-caroling through the town! ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 2+

Golden Days

Golden leaves piled high. Golden sunsets paint the sky. Golden autumn, golden fall, Golden days for us all! ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 1+

Falling Leaves

Falling to the ground, Painting the town. Dancing, swirling, Laughing, twirling. A colorful breeze, Of autumn leaves. ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 4+

After This

After the teeth–after the jammies, After the prayers–after the stories, After the tuck–after the kiss, Sweet dreams–after all of this. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 2+

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Teddy bear, teddy bear next to me, All tucked in as comfy as can be. I give him a huggle, He gives me a snuggle, All night long we cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Teddy bear, teddy bear cozy and tight, All bundled up until the morning light. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 6+

A Splash

A splash, a splish, A hop, a skip. A pond, a stone, Perfectly thrown. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 1+

Lost in the Woods

I went walking in the woods, following the trees, Following the trail of a cool summer breeze. Now I’m lost in the woods. Which way do I go? Which way did I come from? I just don’t know. There was a way in, but is there away out? Or will I be stuck in theDisplay


The wind is blowing just fast enough, To guide a sailboat without the waves being rough. Setting up the sails to blow in the wind, Watching as the shoreline disappears again. When the water is a guide, there is only one place to be. When the wind is a compass, there is so much toDisplay

Blueberry, Blueberry

Blueberry, blueberry on the bush, Are you as delicious as you look? Blueberry, blueberry I just picked, I bet you taste absolutely perfect. Blueberry, blueberry in my mouth, You are the best without a doubt! ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 2+

Cloudy Skies

There are two kinds of clouds so don’t get them mixed up. One kind I hate. One kind I can’t help but love. Gray clouds create such a gloomy day. White fluffy marshmallow clouds call me out to play. Cloudy skies don’t have to mean sorrow. Cloudy skies can bring happiness. Raising hopes for aDisplay

Haylie Has Many Hats

Haylie has many hats, some big, some small. Some aren’t even hats at all. Haylie wears whatever she can find. She’ll wear anything–anytime. Mommy is cooking–Haylie is a chef just like her. Wearing an empty pot she’s waiting for something to stir. She likes to wear a napkin on her hair. Even during dinner sheDisplay


Snakes slither and they hiss, Be careful, some snakes are poisonous. Some are black, some are green, some are red, Some snakes are friendly, some we dread. Some snakes can make good pets and have a place in the home, Me, I’ll stick to reading about them and leave those slippery creatures alone. ©Elizabeth WrobelDisplay

Little kitten, I’m so smitten

Little kitten, I’m so smittten By your dark furry paws Little kitten, I’m so smittten Your whiskers feel like straws Little kitten, I’m so smittten By your purr as you press against my cheek Little kitten, I’m so smitten Your loving gaze makes me feel weak Little kitten, I’m so smitten As I take theDisplay

Acrostic: Frog

Flipping and flopping from log to log, "Ribbit, ribbit," croaks the young frog. Over the lily pads with a hip and a hop, Go, frog, go! Don't stop! Don't stop! ©Elizabeth Wrobel 2+


When the weather is gloomy and gray, Keep me by your side all through the day. As soon as those raindrops leave the sky, Open me up and I’ll keep you keep you dry. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 2+

Pocket Poem

A poem short enough to memorize, Small enough for a pocket to hold inside. A poem sweet enough to share, Powerful enough to carry everywhere. The idea of a pocket poem was very smart, It’s the perfect size to live within the heart. ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 1+

Share a Poem

Share a greeting with a stranger. Share some kindness with a neighbor. Share a giggle with a friend. Share a smile that will never end. Share a rhyme everywhere you go. Share a poem with everyone you know. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 1+


Plip-plop, Raindrops, Misty notes begin, Waltzing on the wind. Plip-plop, Raindrops, The sweetest melodies, Humming through the trees. Plip-plop, Raindrops, Tapping out the beat, Dancing in the street. Plip-plop, Raindrops, Rhythm never stops, Drumming on the rooftops. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 4+


Hamsters Hamsters are cute and furry, They run around in your cage, But their eyesight is still a blurry, They will eat and climb until they die of age. Hamsters go “squeak squeak!” Then drift off to sleep, When they wake up they stuff food in their cheek, Then dig in their bedding down deep.Display

Snow Angel

My arms are gliding up and down, My legs are dancing on the ground. Now I'm standing up and what do you know? There's a pretty little angel in the glistening snow. ©2019 Elizabeth Wrobel 6+

A Sister

A sister is a friend you didn’t choose. A sister is a friend you can never lose. Sisters will always belong together. Sisters will always be best friends forever. ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 5+

Three Cardinals

I saw three cardinals outside today. One stayed but two flew away. The passing glimmer, brightly colored red, Right before my eyes as they flew above my head. Headed toward the feeder, perhaps for a snack, The third one I watched jump from branch to branch. ©Elizabeth Wrobel 1+

My Basset Ran off with my Essay

My basset puppy ran off with my essay She even stole my mail She cleaned out all the fridge and wagged her funny tail She went through all my papers and threw them on the floor Oh that crazy basset She almost broke the door I did not stop her I wanted to find out moreDisplay

Ladybug, Ladybug

Ladybug, ladybug, crawling up and down, Starting over again and turning back around. Once more my finger you crawl across, Ladybug, ladybug, are you lost? ©2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 15+

Sleepy Time

Teeth brushed, House hushed. Jammies zippered, Goodnight whispered. Bowed head, Prayers said. Darkness falling, Sweet dreams calling. Kisses given, Covers snuggled in. Books closing, Eyes dozing. Moonbeams shine, It's sleepy time. © 2018 Elizabeth Wrobel 27+

The Twelve Crazy Cat Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my uncle gave to me: one Siamese kitty. On the second day of Christmas, my uncle gave to me: two birmans and one siamese kitty. On the third day of Christmas, my uncle gave to me: three rag-dolls, two birmans, and one siamese kitty On the fourth day ofDisplay

Snow Angels

  Abigail crept to the open bedroom door. Mommy was sitting on the bed, Daddy’s arm was around her shoulders and both their heads were bowed. Tears fell from their eyes. Abby could see the wet spots on Mommy’s blue dress and Daddy’s dress pants. Watching them made her want to cry, but she didn’tDisplay

Wait for Me

My daddy is very brave in snow so deep. It came last night when we were asleep. Piles and piles kept coming down. Now I lift each foot high off the ground. Faraway trees are still green and daddy waits for me. (c) 2017 Richard L. Provencher 10+

The Double Bump Boy

Little Stevie liked walking with mom. Today he tripped and fell into a hole. He got up and fell into another hole. Mom felt the bump on his head. “You have a lump from a bump.” And they both laughed. (c) 2017 Richard L. Provencher 4+

Happy Morning

I wake up to lots of noise. I can hear through my window. The sun is shining so bright. The birds and the sun are my friends. Are they your friends too? (c) 2017 Richard L. Provencher 2+

As a Child Learns

Baby footprints straddle foam-crested waves as each push of water tests her confidence mama calls… be careful honey don’t fall, statement of mother-love as a warm wave caresses little time to hear her voice of concern. Restless toes grasp Northumberland pebbles. © Richard L. Provencher Published in Canadian Author & Bookman Toronto, Ontario ISSN 0008-2937Display

A Son

I held this life cradled in my hands a gift from God, he came by night. © Richard L. Provencher 4+

A Busy Boy

Lug a bag of loose bones to the bookstore, so grown-ups can notice those secret shapes my teacher told me when you are young you’ll have weird ideas on what is fun for little boys pickles and pigeons, even roaring lions make my nose nervous, but karate kicks help me. © Richard L. Provencher *Display

A Child of God

A Child of God Tap-tapping like drum beats from a cautious march, the boy’s pale face follows my steps his cane meandering side to side through the aisle, and I watch hummingbird fingers poke at the shelves. He listens to the crinkle of a spaghetti package chin uplifted, grinning like a monkey mom’s proud ofDisplay

Feast of Summer

The Milky Way is a sweep of energized rhythm an imaginative journey across the galaxy in a crown of glory: Queen Cassiopeia Aquila the Eagle Northern Cross and the Great Rift– a plethora of guardianship. Author Notes: “Our sky has always intrigued those watching for comets or even UFO’s. Many young people have also becomeDisplay

Doggone Ace

You’re gone Ace. Barking no longer necessary to harass mail carriers nor strangers standing frightfully still while you munch pant legs dressed in brand-name tags. They’ll miss that mouthful of teeth your frenetic fury black and white pooch wearing one crooked eye. Yes Ace doggone they will. Author Notes: “I often wondered about all thoseDisplay

A Boy and His Dog

There’s a liking for the chase young fellow and your dog knows the difference between love and just a friend. You’re his master and he’ll follow you even into salty swells of incoming tide as you wade Atlantic-strides along the shore. Never let him down boy. Author Notes: “When a family lives by the oceanDisplay

A Little Boy

A Little Boy Add a little boy some peanut butter sandwiches a few trouser tears — nothing special and the whole world knows him. Author Notes: “There is always something special about a little boy. And in my early days such a joy heading off to fish for trout with a slingshot hanging from aDisplay

Green or Blue?

A black cat looks for any boy who will walk with him or take him home. “I will,” said Joey MEOW answered the cat. Both wished for a friend and now each has one BIG SMILES. A brown can full of cookies is a reward. Or an orange can be a new wish for doingDisplay

School Time

School time School time is nearly over School time is nearly done Time for holidays And time for some fun Having fun with friends in school And learning lots of things Time to go home and have some fun. 11+

My pillow

Some folks, it’s said, hear pillow talk As they climb into their bed. Others hear nothing at all As thoughts ramble through their head. Some folks want a fat one Others, one that’s thin. Still others want a fluffy one To sink their head within. The pillow that I chose I know I got itDisplay

Fairy Adventure

Outside a little house In a deep dark wood Elegant and dainty A little fairy stood As I got closer She asked me my name She sprinkled fairy dust So our sizes were the same She then ran away And I followed after As I approached her You could hear her laughter When I caughtDisplay

I am little

I am little I am feeble Up up I grow Down down never This is my cradle dream 13+

A Birch Tree

A Birch Tree scales the side of the highest hill holding fast with roots not plunging so deep— a standout in a sea of green. From spruce to willow and poplar to a few scattered cedar. I am more than a fist of iron in my demeanor— like a moose in the forest stalwart andDisplay

A Jewel

In 1963-64 I was a senior Scout Leader at this HSR Haliburton Scout Reserve Campground in Ontario. A Jewel Among a forest of green Kennabi kingly rests as tall wind-soaked trees stand whispering still and near his stately shore the water floods6 Below pine-dotted ridges rushing can be audibly heard of dancing water that slap-slapsDisplay

Being King

Remembering a week at Kanasuta Cub Camp and a favourite game was King-of-the-Hill. Being King of the hill meant a lot to a ten-year-old shoving others back as they approached and holding your own as they attacked from all directions. Lee gets pushed aside then Ricky and now I’m in trouble as Kenny my bestDisplay

See Beyond

Black White They make gray And gray is as boring as black and white Add white to red It makes pink And pink is as cool as lemonade Add black to blue It makes the ocean And the ocean is as deep as the sea And if you see beyond the skin You can findDisplay

Not Today

Always smiling and nodding Never will choose a side Well not today As friends battle friends Calling the other names I stand up I rise above I become the strongest player on the field with one word No With the force of one thousand storms I stare into the eyes of my opponent Not backingDisplay

The sun is never red

“Do you have a party? Do you have bread? Do you have a lullaby?” Crimson flower said. “Why are you asking? What is it with bread? Party cake is eating. Not to do with bread. Sleepy head is feeling. Your eyes are now red. Hearty blood is beating. Close your eyes in bed. All isDisplay

Some wishes for my daughter

Be gentle, be strong Be happy, be good Love others, love yourself Know how beautiful you are But know that it's not what really matters Know how smart you are But know that it's what you do with it that counts Don't forget where you come from, or where you are going And most ofDisplay


Dory boats bob near ocean’s shore, tethered as goats grazing side by side except these are wooden hulls waiting for tomorrow’s fishing orders now silent as bats in evening’s warm breath. The sun’s last rays provide colourful shades, it’s goodnight-time for friends made today. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher 4+

Little Tyke

I took her hand as kindness showed through my intentions, she needed love the touch of a mother’s hand laying one upon hers. I did so, and Jesus smiled. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher 1+


There was the Trojan war, and now here: Romulus lies in mother-wolf’s lair, His hair, brown like trees; Then a shepherd suddenly sees: Romulus, Remus, lying in a lair. From then on, the shepherd took care Romulus grew, became a great man; Remus grew, made his own plan. But one day, they had a dispute,Display

Pleione star

Pleione star, brightly shine but do not burn. Hands away, the sun burns hot. Its heat you learn. Pleione, prouder be your flames in outer space. With grace you speak a life that lives on modest pace. Youngest eyes below your sparks surpass the sky. This pride I own be yours, dear star, beloved eye.Display

When it rains

We are baked in the sun While waiting for the rain, But now she remembered us The cloud has been moody and we knew she must surely cry now she wept, throwing rain water All over the little hamlet Now I claim the first drop And you claim the next drop Oh look up andDisplay

Monsters Under the Bed

There are monsters under the bed, Daddy. Please won't you check and see? I know they're coming to get me. Daddy, Daddy, please tell them to go away, flee into the night. I won't be able to sleep until all those scary things are out of site. Don't turn off the light, that's when theyDisplay

The Tangled Web of Alice Young

The Tangled Web of Alice Young The house of Young had a growing guest It wasn’t something they possessed Up from the ceiling it was hung The Tangled Web of Alice Young This tangled web was weaved with lies “Who broke the vase?” “Who ate the pies?” Composed of every fib she sung The TangledDisplay

Grafting Eternity onto Love

Our bond, as strong as leather, loyal, as sound as a bell, if we now stick together we sure won’t go to hell. By being kind forever we’ll break whatever spell. We won’t be parting, never. Our strength, no one could tell. If we just stick together, our hearts warm cell by cell. In servingDisplay

This time your present

Today on your birthday, I’ve a wristwatch for your present. Fasten this on your left wrist, and watch the tense that’s present. Fasten this on your right, and forget all that’s past. Now you own a life-guide. Reveal how time ticks fast. You fasten tight this present, and know no present would last. You’ll knowDisplay


UNREQUITED LOVE Long lonely road to go, but I still move on The pictures are clear The fruit grows in your eyes And even when you seem not to care My heart still longs for your love How could you not have known? Even when I shed blood instead of tears How could you notDisplay


BIRTHDAY BLESSING BECOMES BITTER At a dew point, it drizzles down deep on my roof. Gradually thunder strikes and lightning flashes in my hood Then the barmy rain comes along and shouts of joy is on a loop Mother is no exception, yes! Her voice roars like that of a lion So long and loud,Display

When I first met your mother (3)

Dear darling, When I first met your mother on her land she held colorful flowers in her hand. Her land bred turquoise blue forget-me-nots. I started feeling fairly she is grand. When I first met your mother on that day doves cooed the coming of the month of May. Your mother made a fortune fromDisplay

When I first met your mother (2)

Dear darling, When I first met your mother she was swimming in the sea. A big shark was chasing her. They both swam fast past me. When I first met your mother she looked nice in the sea. The shark she was escaping brought anger into me. She swam fast in the sea to flee,Display

When I first met your mother

My little son, my little girl, when I first met your mother, she sat in her work room. There came no sound of other men wanting her to bloom. When I first met your mother love wasn’t there at first. It took my heart another two months, in tears I’d burst. Too shy I turnedDisplay

Number 5

Night is the time for counting sheep. One, two, three. Watch them as they leap. Over the bed and onto the floor. Look out! Here comes number four! Eyes closing, falling fast asleep. Just in time for the number five sheep. Flying by, he giggles with glee, “Hey, sleepyhead, you missed me!” © Elizabeth WrobelDisplay

A migratory adventure

This morning when you did your best in school two robins brought me news and said: “Wow, cool!” I wonder how your teachers teach you art. They surely read their pupils legends too. This red tale I will read you of two thrones where boys and girls made crowns of spruce cones. Then football playersDisplay

Before you

Years and years before your birth, in space the moon wore blankets warmly round its place. It shone with laughter, feeling sleepy when skylarks fluffed feathers, tickling its face. Hundreds of years before your age, in Greece a doll and baby saw the moon wear fleece. In time they took their shepherds home to bed,Display


I love you. You love me. I am so happy we are family. My brother is family,my sister aswell. Our mommy and daddy loves us alot i can tell. We go to the beach often. Mommy helps us collect shells. We always tell daddy to join us,when hes done ringing the bells. 3+

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, For Chistmas this year I want lots of cheer And a stuffed bear That won’t wear or tear I want my stocking filled with treats And an iPod that will play very good beats A wonderful train And a pretty umbrella For the watery rain If one present is not here Just oneDisplay


Children who are in fear, Of never in their friend’s life, will they appear; For the reason of a great mistake In which , their friendship is at stake; But with the Lord’s blessing and to their bliss, He knows that both each other miss: “So all friends, forgive them one time! Friendship is ourDisplay


january,febuary,march the cold is harsh april,may,june the summer will be over soon july,august,september rain we love to remeber october,november,december time to take out coats and furs. 6+

Black Cats

Some people don’t like us, they think we are vicious Cross the street to avoid us, if they’re superstitious But we are no different to all other cats We’re loving and playful and great acrobats! With slender long tails and sleek dark fur We just want you to love us, and make us purr WithDisplay


Life is a race, Up to a base, When you face, Suppose you do not say, You will go up to the lays, And there will be a great space, Then you will chase, For so many days, Then you will soon win the life`s base, After getting happiness you will walk through hays, YouDisplay


Farm is green and green, It changes the minds of teen, Farming stops the hungryness, And give us a plenty of fulfilness. Evaluate the seeds by soughing in soil, With a great patience and toil, Harvest paddy with your lovely daddy, Cook it with your lovely mummy. -Niteesh S R 0

A Butterfly in My Room

A BUTTERFLY IN MY ROOM Once there came a butterfly in my room, Believe it or not it made a big boom, I tried chasing it with a broom, Because it made me feel gloom. For some reason it liked sitting on my bed, And then hopped and sat on my head, Then it satDisplay


Remember Remember long ago when everything was nice? Remember long ago when you played out on the ice? Remember long ago when summer just meant friends? Remember long ago when the good time never ends? Remember long ago and you’ll be happy once again. You’ll be happy when you realize, the fun you had backDisplay


Questions   We all know that the Earth turns, But do we really? We all know how to run and skip, But do we really? We all die someday, But do we really? We all go to Heaven someday, But do we really? What do we really know? What do we really do? I don’tDisplay

The Little Ones

The Little Ones The little ones, They kick and scream. They’re always wanting, Some more ice cream. The older they get, The worse they become. They think they’re so cool, But they are really dumb. Right now at their age, They are a big pain. I think we all agree, That they drive us insane!Display

Hugs are Important

Hugs are Important There’s something in a simple hug, That always warms the heart. It welcomes back home, And makes it easier to part. A hug is a way to share the joy And sad times we go through, Or just a way for friends to say They like you ’cause you’re you. Hugs areDisplay

The Creature

The Creature with its beady eyes, and its cute face, people would be fooled and think he was ace. but don’t be fooled, he’s got a poisonous nose, sharp pointy ears, he’s very fierce, but nobody knows. he may be small, shaped like a cat, but thats not all, and that is that. it’s gotDisplay


Trees Trees want help in the Autumn Leaves on the ground trees bare and cold as floating leaves of golden brown yellow and red some land on the flower bed some big, some little trees keep saying I want to be an evergreen. ©Ella Davis 1999 3+

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams Follow your dreams that you have in your heart. Do not let that dream depart. Take care of people and the earth, and God’s children will come to birth. Don’t despise people because of the color of their skin, because it is considered a sin. Here is my final word for youDisplay

The Wild West

THE WILD WEST When the sun settles down, cowboys come galloping into to town. When the old folks come riding theyoungens come gliding. When gold miners come with mountains of gold all the folks would be filthy rich and say ‘ sold’. When children play with their balloons, the folks come rushing into the saloon.Display

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures A stroll in the park A few leaves fall Gentle wind blows Trees, sixty feet tall. Lounge on a river bank A worm and a hook A peaceful moment Curled up with a book. Visit an old friend It’s been a while Be spontaneous Go the extra mile. Give a stranger directions You’veDisplay

Morning Blessing

Morning Blessing May your guardian angel protect and guide you all thru the day, and prevent any harm to ever come your way, This is the blessing I give to my loved one just before You kiss me goodbye and walk out the door. Elizabeth Figueroa 2+

Meant to be

Meant to be Not being sure if I could do it scared me so much. Not knowing if you would love me frightened me. Not even sure if it was really happening gave me nightmares. Not feeling you inside me was so scary. I was so young and so immature but yet so old toDisplay

Knock, Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock, Knock Knock, knock, knock, Guess what? I am here! Your guardian angel You have nothing to fear. I came straight from heaven from God’s bright light to protect you and your family all through the night. So good night and remember that I am here to stay, right next to your bed, afterDisplay


Seasons The gentle egg’s shell breaks open, The chick inside is free, The daffodils lie bright and sunny, Dainty as can be. The boiling sun shines down strongly, The butterflies flit by, The green grasshoppers chirrup loudly, White clouds drift by in a summer sky. The crispy leaf floats to the ground, Golds and rustenDisplay

My Face

MY FACE I draw two eyes with my sharp pencil. They can see through the window. Even help me count fingers and toes. “TEN!” They watch you all day. Next I draw a rose that smells a fluffy rose. Here comes my dog with wet fur. “PHEW!” Your baking from the kitchen curls like chimney smoke.Display

Girl’s Best Friend

Girl’s Best Friend Two weeks early, A lifetime of waiting, A puppy to hold, A friendship worth creating. Arrived in a box, Scared but far from alone, She nibbles at my socks, Not something I condone. She shall be named Hershey, And she shall be mine, As the newest member of the family, She’ll doDisplay

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love It’s hard to believe when people don’t see Who is the maker above. It’s clear to me and will always be That He is the sign of love. It’s hard to believe the stars in the sky Are as beautiful as they are. Stop and try to reach as high OrDisplay

From Mother to Daughter

From Mother to Daughter Since the first time I met you, I knew I was in love, You are my blessing from God above. You made me smile through all the pain, My health and my love, you helped me to gain. I look at you now through and through, I don’t know what myDisplay

From Father to Son

FROM FATHER TO SON I remember the day when you were born, Outside was cold, but I felt warm. I remember when I touched you and you began to cry, I was sort of frightened and I don’t know why. Your eyes were teary, but yet so cute, You were so tiny, I didn’t knowDisplay

Comment on Life

Comment on Life Life: you know it takes all kinds of folks Nice, mean, handsome with hopes. Fools like me who some call blundering Curious ones who can’t stop wondering. Where we are now and where will we be Ten years from now—in chains or set free? Will we stop traffic to save a smallDisplay


CHANGE Change can be good and change can be bad, Change can be happy and change can be sad, Change can be difficult to understand, Why a friend has to move or why good things are banned, Why loved ones are lost by a youth’s bad decision, Or why his poor soul just can’t beDisplay

Before You Were Born

Before you were born Before you were born…How could I see? That God would send a beautiful baby to me. I guess He knew that right from the start, that your life here with me would have opened my heart. I have to admit the day that you first walked My throat didn’t hurt, IDisplay

Angels at Playtime Morning

Angels at Playtime Morning The angels jump and play all day long, They even have their favorite songs. The angels are joyful all through the day, Cause at night they know its time out for play. So they settle down with one another, Sister to Sister and Brother to Brother. All of a sudden theyDisplay

The Park

The Park Sitting on a bench, watching the world pass by, Bees buzz and eagles fly, This park is a special park, the one I call my own, My place of solace, my quiet home, All sorts of characters can be found here, Those who are strangers and those I hold dear, The park isDisplay

Jesus My Friend

JESUS MY FRIEND I have a Friend, a Friend, so very Dear, Jesus, you always wipe away my tears, In life you teach me to walk the right pathways, In trials Jesus never let me go astray. Jesus, You’re so Loving, You’re so Kind, A True Friend like You, is not hard to find, I’llDisplay

Going Home

GOING HOME I see chickens that cluck, and a waddling duck and growing in the garden there would still be corn to shuck. I hope it’s warm in heaven so my feet aren’t always cold, and I’d like to bring my toys with me even though I’m very old. I want to bring my favoriteDisplay


LULLABY Now that the sun has gone down in the west And the last light is fading in darkening blue; The only sound left in the whole world to hear, Is the sound of the river hushing down to the sea. The games have been finished a long time ago The toys are packed upDisplay

A Scary Night

A Scary Night   So dark is the night With things crawling around. Noises come and fight With your mind with out a doubt. Footsteps are heard wherever you are It does not matter if they are far. Running with strength Running with fear They will catch up, so don’t shed a tear. The footstepsDisplay

Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers My bones rattling My teeth grinding My heart pounding The tree limbs thumping The world spinning Everything is in movement And all u can think about Is what may be in the dark Little creatures so small and dark Big Ole creatures so crazy and strong And the one creature that runs throughDisplay

The Wind Blows

The Wind Blows The wind blows softly at my window. I wait in awe to see, What will happen if mom lets me be. I’m scared to death at this little fright, But I will sleep on through the night. Ashley Farmer © 2000 3+

I am the Night

I Am The Night I am the night. I am darkness at it’s bluest. To me there is sheer delight in the shadow of the night No need to insist, for the night I exist. The light of day is not night’s way. I am the night. I am a creature of the dark. IDisplay

Screech Owl Stew

SCREECH OWL STEW First, start with a bat wing That has aged a thousand years, Mix with a dash of spider’s legs, And a drop of tarantula’s tears; Simmer it with the elixir Of a witch’s brew; That’s how you make Screech owl stew. Screech owl stew is a delicacy, A culinary delight, But beforeDisplay

The Halloween Guest

THE HALLOWEEN GUEST You never know what you’ll find When you set out on Halloween; But once you discover what’s in the dark It’ll make you scream; Beyond the safety of your front door, Goblins, ghosts, and vampires are real; As you pass the glowing, grinning jack-o-lanterns, Is that terror that you feel? Chin up,Display

Spirit of Anzac

Spirit of Anzac They clad us in the colours of the forest, and armed us with the weapons made for war. Then taught to us the ancient trade of killing, and lead us to the sound of battles roar. So give us comfort as we lay down bleeding, and pray upon our cold and stiffenedDisplay

South Pole Station

South Pole Station One day at the South Pole a plane touched down, and I got out, and I stood on the ground. And all about me the earth was still, not a bird in the sky, not a tree or a hill. Just bright white snow that was frozen and cold, and a radioDisplay

The Last Anzac

The Last Anzac They buried Doug Dibley today, a fine old gentleman who died in his sleep, at Rotorua on a hot December afternoon. No warrior’s death for him on Walker’s Ridge, where the poppies fed on the blood and frozen dreams; of good young men from Wellington. A day’s leave and a seven yearDisplay

Kiwi Peacekeepers

Kiwi Peacekeepers There’s death all around me, there’s death in the air, I can smell it and feel it–and I know now the fear. The road could be mined, or an ambush await, it may be the end–our appointment with fate. The escorts have left us, we’re now on our own, I’m as frightened asDisplay

In Flanders Fields

IN FLANDERS FIELDS In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and nowDisplay

Soldier’s Farewell

Soldier’s Farewell I’ve saddled up, and dropped me hooch, I’m going to take the gap, my Tour of Duty’s over mates, and I won’t be coming back. I’m done with diggin’ shell scrapes and laying out barbed wire, I’m sick of setting Claymore Mines, and coming under fire. So, no more Fire Support Base, andDisplay

A Cigarette Comrade

A Cigarette Comrade A cigarette comrade– before I die my face is torn and my eyes are gone but if you hold it to my lips I can still draw the flame. It matters not comrade– that we are foe I’m comfortable here in your hospital tent quietly bleeding into the dirt below. Forgive meDisplay

The Star-Spangled Banner

THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER Oh, Say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro’Display

America the Beautiful

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! O beautiful for pilgrim feet, Whose stern, impassioned stress A thoroughfare for freedom beat AcrossDisplay

Air Assault

AIR ASSAULT Thumping down the valley floor– Contour flying–open door. Squadron’s choppers in a line, The Air Assault goes in on time. Heart is pumping–temples too, Cobra Gunships–standing to. Caribina locked in place, Try to hide my fearful face. Check my bag and check my rope, God give me some bloody hope. Rifle slung behindDisplay

Some None at All

Some None At All One bike to ride on Two baby dolls Most children have these Some, none at all. Three meals daily Four friends to call Most children have these Some, none at all. Five hugs a day Daddies six feet tall Most children have these Some, none at all. Seven books to readDisplay

My Bed

MY BED My bed, My bed, I love my bed. It rests my feet, it rests my head. It brings me sleep from dreadful days It clears my brain from misty haze. It rests my neck, it rests my back. I love to spend time in my sack. It rests my eyes, it rests myDisplay

The Lion

The Lion The lion has a golden main and under it a clever brain He lies around and idly roars and lets the lionesses do all the chores. Megan McEwan. Age 9 16+

Fuzzy and Wuzzy



Cheetah a cheetah is very sly he’ll pass you in a blink of an eye although he may be dangerous his cuteness is contagious he has very long claws that nearly fit his paws So when you see a cheetah you better run and hope he won’t beat ya. ©2002 brittani 4+


Birds Birds in the bird bath, What a splash they make. Tail feathers, wing feathers Shake, shake, shake. Birds at the feeder, Steady on their feet. Red birds, yellow birds Eat, eat, eat. Birds in the tree tops, On the beach, in the sky. Birds run, birds wade, birds Fly, fly, fly. Birds that liveDisplay

I met a Butterfly

I Met a Butterfly I met a butterfly today Sitting upon a tree. When I said, “Good Morning,” it said nothing back to me. I asked what it was doing, But it refused to tell. I asked if it was tired Or wasn’t feeling well. And then it opened up its wings, As though toDisplay


Wolves Mesmerizing, magical, and mysterious creatures; Willful, wild wanderer of windy winding mountains; Intelligent, sometimes inane, defiantly inaccessible, Even-tempered, hopefully everlasting, and extraordinary; Howling, whining, yipping, or yelping, A wolf is like a lone cloud on a full moon’s night- He’ll dance into your life, your heart, Then leap right out, Making you wonder “WasDisplay

The Big Bad Wolf

“THE BIG BAD WOLF!” (He Is Really Not Such a Bad Guy) I am the Big Bad Wolf, That children say huff, puff and shout. But, really I am not such a bad guy, Like they all talk about. I have a wife and family, And, live near a clean blue lake. “I am reallyDisplay

Pink Chairs and Pigtails

Pink Chairs and Pigtails It began with a jolt … a day like none other, For a package arrived marked, To Pigtails… Love, Mother.   Now, this isn’t a legend of a prince or prominent queens, But rather an account of a chair and its vibrant pink sheens.   There will be no stories ofDisplay


Princesses   Once upon a time there were three beautiful princesses there names were Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen. Kimmy was 3, Katie was 5, and Kristen was 8. They all lived in a manor. With butlers, maids, cooks, and lots of people. But the princesses did not treat them like slaves they treated them withDisplay

Henry the Unicorn

Once upon a time in the land of ‘There Wasn’t Any’ Lived a handsome young unicorn by the name of Henry. Henry had one problem so forlorn, On the top of his head was a wig not a horn. “Oh me oh me oh my–I’m so forlorn, On the top of my head is aDisplay

Backward Jack

 Backward Jack I had a puppy some years back, who went by the name of “Backward Jack.” Now, Backward Jack was a silly pup, If I said, “down boy,” he’d get up. When he was in, he wanted out. He was confused without a doubt. When Backward Jack and I played ball, he never broughtDisplay

Pink Chairs and Pigtails

It began with a jolt … a day like none other, For a package arrived marked, To Pigtails… Love, Mother. Now, this isn’t a legend of a prince or prominent queens, But rather an account of a chair and its vibrant pink sheens. There will be no stories of lands existing from far, far awayDisplay

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