The Wild West

Neelam Shaw


When the sun settles down,

cowboys come galloping into to town.

When the old folks come riding

theyoungens come gliding.

When gold miners come with mountains of gold

all the folks would be filthy rich and say ' sold'.

When children play with their balloons,

the folks come rushing into the saloon.

When the sheriff strides into the west,

everyone in town is put to the test.

When the horses rest their heels

All the folks have a big meal.|

When the high wind dusts moves in,

two cowboys battle for their sins.

When one cowboy yells 'reach for the sky'

the other just gives a bad sigh.

When both are holding guns,

one says to the other this ain't no fun.

When both give up the fight,

they realize they can find the light.

By Neelam Shah age 15


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