Comment on Life

Karen Smith

Comment on Life

Life: you know it takes all kinds of folks
Nice, mean, handsome with hopes.
Fools like me who some call blundering
Curious ones who can't stop wondering.
Where we are now and where will we be
Ten years from now—in chains or set free?
Will we stop traffic to save a small turtle?
Or turn our backs and make him a hurdle?
Mothers will worry they'll stumble then tumble
A mess on the floor, "The kitchen will crumble!"
Must kick back with their feet on the ottoman
Live life easy, read the paper like a lot o' men!

The Devil: you know he takes all kinds of folks
Convincing is he, such a devious coax.
He'll make you tell lies and then turn you outside
Search for an alibi then hang your head and hide.
The day is in order the demon is gone
But you wake to find he's waiting at dawn!
He's driving you crazy. Oh yes! He has sunk in
To ole' human Gullible, Righteous is flunkin'.
Tomorrow, finally, all wrong is forgiven
Run straight up the mountain to thank God for livin'.
The biggest eraser can't rub your mistakes
Determination guides you through frustrating breaks.

Death: you know it takes all kinds of folks
In fact it takes everything; it ain't a hoax.
Some miserable people die young but live old.
Living nothing; knowing no one, their blood pumping cold.
They share not a handshake; they keep their self-space
Never to lend even a smile from their face.
To touch their life would turn you to ice.
They'd burden your heart with insipid advice.
But then there are people who live after death
Their bodies are buried but we breathe their breath.
We may laugh their laughter, their tears and their love
They shine through the rays we absorb from above.

Learning: you know, teaches in its own way.
You cannot avoid a lesson a day.
Strive, though you will, to achieve perfection
Imagine perfection and its misdirection!
In a flawless life to live ever after
The boredom would kill us; we'd end in disaster!
You'd wake each morning—your bed would be made
You won your match though you never even played!
You suddenly have all the money to burn
So what does it matter, it wasn't even earned?
Maybe it'd be lovely but just for one day
You'd sure learn a lesson, you'd want the hard way!

©1976 K. Smith


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