Screech Owl Stew

Joel Bjorling



First, start with a bat wing

That has aged a thousand years,

Mix with a dash of spider’s legs,

And a drop of tarantula’s tears;

Simmer it with the elixir

Of a witch’s brew;

That’s how you make

Screech owl stew.

Screech owl stew is a delicacy,

A culinary delight,

But before you catch a screech owl

He might put up a fight;

Who’d want to get stewed

In a brimming pot of mummy’s hair?

If you were a screech owl

You’d want to get out of there!

You hear them screech,

Piercing the night;

It echoes everywhere,

So do I turn left or right?

Finding a screech owl

Is a formidable job;

He’s a wily codger,

An annoying, diabolical snob!

You won’t find screech owl stew

In a restaurant or store;

People either gag, turn blue,

Or they want some more;

If you make it yourself,

You might have to substitute

The screech owl for raven’s beak

Or the eye of newt!

--© 2011 Joel Bjorling


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