Pleione star

Mohsen H. Darabi

Pleione star, brightly shine but do not burn.
Hands away, the sun burns hot. Its heat you learn.
Pleione, prouder be your flames in outer space.
With grace you speak a life that lives on modest pace.
Youngest eyes below your sparks surpass the sky.
This pride I own be yours, dear star, beloved eye.
Pleione, Pleione, above all stars, your face is chaste.
I hope that God would save you from a world of haste.
A world of twists and turns that’s quick, unkind and fast.
It needs a patient man whose love would stay and last.
These lines I write and might depict with gorgeous paint.
Your worth is bright, alight. Make worldly colors faint.

* * * * *
25 October, 2016


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