The Halloween Guest

Joel Bjorling


You never know what you’ll find

When you set out on Halloween;

But once you discover what’s in the dark

It’ll make you scream;

Beyond the safety of your front door,

Goblins, ghosts, and vampires are real;

As you pass the glowing, grinning jack-o-lanterns,

Is that terror that you feel?

Chin up, don’t tarry

Halloween is just one big story, you know;

I mean, black cats aren’t really witches,

That’s so Edgar Allen Poe!

What? You hear footsteps behind you?

But it is only you and me!

Don’t tell me you’re getting scared,

A little… creepy?

Wasn’t that last house generous,

Filling your bag with sinful, tasty treats?

Did you notice that the man had fangs?

That will make your heart stop a beat;

Yes, you are correct,

That was a coffin by the door;

I bet he’d let you lie in it,

If you want some more.

There is screeching in the air,

You’re right, they’re bats;

When they are hungry

They get to swarming like gnats;

Bats are voracious about blood,

So you’d better protect your neck;

Watch out, they might swoop down on you,

They’re tiny as a speck.

Yes, that’s a graveyard,

It’s very, very old;

Beware, lest you meet Pernilla,

For a ghost, she’s dreadfully bold;

See that tall stone, like an obelisk?

It’s her resting place;

However, she’s anything but peaceful

If you meet her face to face!

What, you want to go home,

You’ve had enough?

I hope it’s nothing that I said,

But to survive Halloween, you’ve got to be tough;

There are werewolves on the prowl,

You never know who’ll they’ll be;

But, friend, you’re in luck

Because they look just like me!

--© 2011 Joel Bjorling



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