Before You Were Born

Elizabeth Figueroa

Before you were born

Before you were born...How could I see?
That God would send a beautiful baby to me.
I guess He knew that right from the start,
that your life here with me would have opened my heart.
I have to admit the day that you first walked
My throat didn't hurt, I just couldn't talk.
And then it just happened, I felt like a fool
your first day away and I followed you to school.
Sometimes in life there are tests we must take
I'll try to be perfect, but I make mistakes.
Thru all of your tears,Thru all of your smiles
Thru all of your joys,Thru all of your trials.
Ever since you were born..
I've prayed to God every night
For all of Heaven to protect you
and guide you thru life.


©2002 Elizabeth Figueroa


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