Dominic Martia


Birds in the bird bath,

What a splash they make.

Tail feathers, wing feathers

Shake, shake, shake.

Birds at the feeder,

Steady on their feet.

Red birds, yellow birds

Eat, eat, eat.


Birds in the tree tops,

On the beach, in the sky.

Birds run, birds wade, birds

Fly, fly, fly.

Birds that live in water.

Birds that search and dig.

Ostriches, eagles,

Big, big, big.

Birds that chirp and warble,

Birds that tweet and sing,

Birds that talk by flapping

A wing, wing, wing.

Fishes like to swim in schools.


Bison run in herds.

But anywhere we look, we see

Birds, birds, birds.

© 2001 Dominic Martia


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