The Gift of Love

Karen Smith

The Gift of Love

It's hard to believe when people don't see
Who is the maker above.
It's clear to me and will always be
That He is the sign of love.

It's hard to believe the stars in the sky
Are as beautiful as they are.
Stop and try to reach as high
Or run and jump that far.

Just look at the rainbow after the rain;
It brightens up the day.
The colors remain in my mind I gain
The feeling to kneel and pray.

The lakes and rivers reflect the sun
As everyone swims around,
All the fun has only begun
Then its time to be homeward bound.

There are the trees that stand so tall,
Swaying in the breeze.
The leaves will all turn colors and fall
To warn us the weather will freeze.

A mother and father gaze at the face
Of their newborn son.
Life is renewed at this first embrace
New wonders have just begun.

The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost
Is our maker above.
He doesn't boast, though he is the most
He is the Gift of Love.

©1976 K. Moore


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