Black Cats

Diana Hunt

Some people don’t like us, they think we are vicious
Cross the street to avoid us, if they’re superstitious
But we are no different to all other cats
We’re loving and playful and great acrobats!
With slender long tails and sleek dark fur
We just want you to love us, and make us purr
With emerald eyes and smoky grey paws
Silvery whiskers and beautiful claws
Our ebony faces, alluring and sweet
Will smile up at you as we meow for a treat
We rub up against you for fuss and affection
For a belly full of chicken, and love and protection
So next time you see a black cat, don’t dismiss
Our true loving nature, we emphasize this
We do not like to be shunned and ignored
Instead we deserve to be loved and adored.

Diana Hunt ©2012


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