Simple Pleasures

Colleen Lewis

Simple Pleasures

A stroll in the park
A few leaves fall
Gentle wind blows
Trees, sixty feet tall.

Lounge on a river bank
A worm and a hook
A peaceful moment
Curled up with a book.

Visit an old friend
It's been a while
Be spontaneous
Go the extra mile.

Give a stranger directions
You've been lost before
Stand out in the rain
to hold open a door.

Read to a small child
Watch how he glows
A priceless moment
tender and mellow.

A new baby's smile
Puppy's velvet coat
Kitten's frisky nature
Your first love note.

Warm, golden sun shines
on a gorgeous spring day
Flowers in full bloom
by the first day of May.

Sitting and relaxing
Oldies on the radio
Hot cappuccino
Lights down low.

Lick out the mixing bowl
Frosting on your face
Two cozy lovers
by a warm fireplace.

Such simple pleasures
Not one costs a cent
What a delight reminiscing
about how each was spent.

© 1999 Colleen Lewis


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