Backward Jack

Colleen Lewis

 Backward Jack



I had a puppy
some years back,
who went by the name of
"Backward Jack."

Now, Backward Jack
was a silly pup,
If I said, "down boy,"
he'd get up.

When he was in,
he wanted out.
He was confused
without a doubt.

When Backward Jack
and I played ball,
he never brought it
back at all.

When I gave
Backward Jack a bath,
you probably
would have to laugh.

Because when I began
to wash his head,
guess who
got the bath instead?

I fed my puppy
twice a day,
But he liked doing things
his own way.


He ate the cat's food
and drank her milk,
and semed to do it
with little guilt.

When I went for a walk
with Backward Jack,
we didn't walk forward,
we walked back!

There's still some hope
for Backward Jack.
I think he's finally
on the right track.

Now that he is
growing up,
he's becoming more
of a "Frontward" pup.

I think he's starting
to get things right.
Maybe it will
be tonight.

Backward Jack tried
something new today.
He did things
a whole new way.

I poured dog food.
He gave it a try.
He got a bath,
and I stayed dry!

Instead of "up,"
he lay on the floor.
I let him "out," when he
scratched at the door.

He walked forward
on our stroll.
And he caught the ball
when it started to roll.

I think he's finally
got things straight,
even though he's
a little late.

I've removed the "Backward"
from his name.
He deserves better
for all his fame.

Now that he has
got the knack,
I think that I'll just
call him "JACK!"


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