Haylie Has Many Hats

Elizabeth Wrobel

Haylie has many hats, some big, some small.
Some aren't even hats at all.
Haylie wears whatever she can find.
She'll wear anything--anytime.
Mommy is cooking--Haylie is a chef just like her.
Wearing an empty pot she's waiting for something to stir.
She likes to wear a napkin on her hair.
Even during dinner she lets it stay there.
On Haylie's birthday the cone shaped hat makes her grin.
With a string holding it in place underneath her chin.
When it's time for tea with the queen,
Haylie wears the fanciest hat she's ever seen.
In her Safari hat she's on the trail of something wild.
She catches her teddy bear with the crooked smile.
Haylie wears her cowboy hat on the prairie way out west.
She rides her wooden horse until she needs to rest.
Haylie likes the buildings that rise out of the ground.
The ones that touch the sky downtown.
She wants to build her own--which hat gets that job done?
She knows that Daddy's hard hat is the very best one.
She's in the big leagues--the first one at bat.
She makes the team wearing Brother's baseball cap.
Haylie is the royalist girl in all the land.
Wearing her favorite princess crown is so very grand.
So you see Haylie has many hats--some big, some small.
In fact, some aren't even hats at all!

©Elizabeth Wrobel


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