Pink Chairs and Pigtails

Nathan Marcarelli

It began with a jolt … a day like none other,

For a package arrived marked, To Pigtails… Love, Mother.

Now, this isn’t a legend of a prince or prominent queens,

But rather an account of a chair and its vibrant pink sheens.

There will be no stories of lands existing from far, far away

Just one of a girl and her most unforgettable day.

Yes, her nickname was Pigtails… proclaimed one summer’s season,

But let me start from the beginning, for I do have good reason.

The present gleamed beyond paper, bejeweled with lavender trimmings

And she unlaced each one watchfully without shilly-shallying.

It towered above her… four times her small size,

Though from the moment she saw it… twinkling light flooded her eyes.

Her mother beamed earnestly, “I bought this for you to ignite creativity, and as I strolled past the window, I knew it wanted to come with me.”

With buoyant eyes both overflowing and laughing

It was a battle of wits and ongoing knee slapping

An expression of cheer she continued near soundless, “I embellished with paper and red shimmering ribbons… and hoped it would be the best gift ever given.”

But it was more than a gift as soon they would find

For this pink chair would take Pigtails on an adventurous ride.

To those lands that I’ve mentioned, ruled by chivalrous kings

And a whimsy of magic bestowed from her new favorite thing.

A sidelong glance found her mother, a tender smile shown bright

As Pigtails embarked on a journey this night.

“Good gracious,” smirked Pigtails, eyes wide as saucers. “It’s so pretty I could eat it… but since that’s impossible, perhaps I can shrink it.”

“Yes, I’ll shrink it!” she paused, with a lighthearted boast. “I’ll cut from the bottom where it needs it the most. I’ll start with a snip and see if it flies then I’ll make my one wish while closing my eyes.”

She sat on the edge of her chair, as if a magical sleigh

And a daydreamer’s vision was soon on its way.

Images flashed while her heart skipped a beat

Pigtails’ wait was finally over as she kicked up her feet.

An ocean of cities… each one with a name,

She soared through worlds of excitement…

Though her room stayed unchanged.

From cities with billowing streams to mountaintop peaks,

The journey would take just all of two weeks.

Pigtails met a Fairicorn called Tippy, who loved chocolate cake

And a baker she feared because he looked quite like a snake.

From the wings of a dragon, Pigtails ascended the sky

Then she danced with a lizard that seemed partial to pie.

When she opened her eyes, her mother stood proud

Because Pigtails was shouting and laughing aloud.

She leapt from her pink chair nestled near a pink table

And the importance of her journey… was to believe in this fable.

Faith comes in all sizes… be it little girls or young boys

Because imagination ignites from the realms of their toys.


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