The Big Bad Wolf

Geary Smith


(He Is Really Not Such a Bad Guy)

I am the Big Bad Wolf,

That children say huff, puff and shout.

But, really I am not such a bad guy,

Like they all talk about.

I have a wife and family,

And, live near a clean blue lake.

“I am really not such a bad guy,

Please believe me for heaven’s sake!”

I have dreams of being an airplane pilot,

That soars high in the sky.

You can sit right behind me on the plane,

And, we can both wave as we fly bye.

I have dreams of scuba diving,

In the oceans deep.

Collecting star fish and sea shells,

For our very own collections to keep.

I have dreams of going on a jungle safari,

To explore all of the animals to see.

Dressed in my green camouflaged suit,

If you look hard, can you try and spot me?

I have dreams of standing at the Statue of Liberty,

And, learning about the freedoms that we all share.

Eating hotdogs at Coney Island,

And, standing in the middle of Times Square.

I have dreams of playing the cello or bass,

In an orchestra that sounds so fine.

Eating in a fancy Paris restaurant,

Just to eat out and dine.

I have dreams of being a cowboy in a rodeo,

In Houston where things grow tall and big.

Maybe working in the hot Texas sun,

On a big oil rig.

I have dreams of going to Washington, D.C.

Learning about Presidents like George Washington.

Visiting all of the museums at the Smithsonian,

Now, that would be exciting and fun!

I have dreams of meditating in China,

At a temple in the mountain far away.

Just spending quiet time alone thinking,

How truly bless I am today.

I have dreams of visiting all of my nursery rhyme friends,

To attempt to change my bad reputation.

To ask them for their forgiveness,

And, build a friendly relation.

I have dreams of being and doing so much,

That I want you all to try to see.

But, I guess for right now,

I have to stay the BIG BAD WOLF,

and just be ME!

©2007 Geary Smith


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