Kenneth Steven


Now that the sun has gone down in the west
And the last light is fading in darkening blue;
The only sound left in the whole world to hear,
Is the sound of the river hushing down to the sea.

The games have been finished a long time ago
The toys are packed up in their cupboards again;
The room is left tidy and ready to sleep,
And the shadows grow longer and creep through the house.

Let’s count all the stars that are there in the window
They glitter and wink with their reds and their greens;
And the moonlight shines down on the whole world below, A silvery-white to the edge of the sky.

We’ve blown out the candles and covered the fire
We’ve made sure the curtains are closed at the top;
And we won’t fear the darkness for we know that beyond it Lies a new day that’s ready and waiting to be.

The rabbits are all in their burrows asleep
The dormice and squirrels, the foxes and badgers; All of them now are safe hidden away,
And now it is time for you to sleep too.

We’ll remember to say thank you for all of today
For the things that we saw and the things that we did; To be grateful to God for all that he gives us,
Right here where we are each day without fail.

And when you curl up and close your eyes tight Your dreams they will carry you into the night, To magical places that’s no-one’s yet seen,
Of castles of snow and white mountains beyond.

And tomorrow you’ll wake and lie there and listen
To the sound of the birdsong in the bright morning light; You’ll open the curtains, find the sun in the window, And the new day there waiting, all ready for you.

©2015 Kenneth Steven


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