Brittany Overmyer


Change can be good and change can be bad,
Change can be happy and change can be sad,
Change can be difficult to understand,
Why a friend has to move or why good things are banned,
Why loved ones are lost by a youth's bad decision,
Or why his poor soul just can't be forgiven.

But God has a way of making the world go round,
And change is one of many things He has bound
In our little book of life that He keeps dear to his side,
Just so that when we are scared we won't have to hide.

He'll stay with us through good times and bad,
He'll calm us down when we are mad,
And when change comes upon us He will be there,
He will comfort us and He will care.

Don't be afraid of change, just be clever,
You know that nothing can stay the same forever.

by Brittany Overmyer


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