Girl's Best Friend

Jenna Dresner

Girl’s Best Friend

Two weeks early,
A lifetime of waiting,
A puppy to hold,
A friendship worth creating.

Arrived in a box,
Scared but far from alone,
She nibbles at my socks,
Not something I condone.

She shall be named Hershey,
And she shall be mine,
As the newest member of the family,
She’ll do just fine.

Nana, our big dog, is jealous,
But she, like us all, learns to love,
This puppy loud, energetic and over zealous,
Clearly a handful sent from above.

She looks but never judges,
She crawls between my legs,
Once there- she never budges,
Unless there’s food for which she begs.

Whether I laugh or cry,
It’s this pup by my side.
She feels my sorrow, feels my pain,
Never a look with an ounce of disdain.

When I’m home alone,
Or when I want to go out,
I’m never really on my own,
She always comes when I shout.

She is my best friend, So dear and true,
I’ll think of her ‘til the end,
Always thinking “I love you.”

© 2013 Jenna Dresner


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