My Basset Ran off with my Essay

Brigitte Pace

My basset puppy ran off with my essay
She even stole my mail
She cleaned out all the fridge
and wagged her funny tail

She went through all my papers
and threw them on the floor
Oh that crazy basset
She almost broke the door

I did not stop her
I wanted to find out more
And that is when I realized
Her tongue could clean the floor

She brought me so much joy
I really couldn't complain
This crazy basset dog of mine
Put sunshine into my life and kept away the rain

Whenever I was sad
She'd lay her cute head on my lap
She wouldn't eat or move
Until I took a nap

I couldn't believe my eyes
When she ran off with a broom
She skidded all over the tiles
And brought new meaning on to how to clean a room



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