Sylvester Nnoli

Long lonely road to go, but I still move on
The pictures are clear
The fruit grows in your eyes
And even when you seem not to care
My heart still longs for your love

How could you not have known?
Even when I shed blood instead of tears
How could you not have known?
That what I feel for you is love
And my love for you is real

When I stand and look deep in your eyes
All that I can see is the future of us, you and i
Shut your eyes when am in it
For it is a place I will always want to be

It burns down deep in my mind
Seeing that my heart still craves for your love
Come to me and heal my soul, it is you that i am talking to
Because I do believe there is love you will share
Be my nurse in the night and my guide in the day

Whenever I see myself thinking of you
I feel your presence
I see the flame of love burning in your eyes
I see the blame of hurt pouring down from your heart
I see that your blood is the colour of love
I see myself in you
And I will always wait for your love


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