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    Julie hen had gone to her cousin Mira’s house which was situated at the end of the forest. Before going she had asked her friend Diana duck to look after her baby Gigi. It was afternoon Diana was dozing, when little Gigi slipped out from under the duck’s wings into the sunshine and started chasing ants. Johnny the fox who had been waiting for this golden opportunity for many days and specially that day, since he knew that Gigi’s mother was away caught the chick in his iron grip. However…

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    UNREQUITED LOVE Long lonely road to go, but I still move on The pictures are clear The fruit grows in your eyes And even when you seem not to care My heart still longs for your love How could you not have known? Even when I shed blood instead of tears How could you not have known? That what I feel for you is love And my love for you is real When I stand and look deep in your eyes All that I can see is the future of…

  • Bedtime

    A Poem for Jesus

    Did Jesus wear socks in evenings of night-time chill His blessed feet traveling many miles in need of rest? If I can earn wages for my keep I will work hard for the Lord. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher

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