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    Lottie and the Confused Little Bear

    Lottie was lonely. Lottie needed someone to hang out with. So she talked to her Dad and he said they could get a dog. He knew that a local kennel had some to spare so that's where they went, up the hill to Boondocks Farm. Boondocks Farm was a lovely little place. It had once been a sheep farm and they still kept a few, along with other animals, as a small holding. They still breed their own sheep dogs and had started taking in borders and stays from around…

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    A Butterfly in My Room

    A BUTTERFLY IN MY ROOM Once there came a butterfly in my room, Believe it or not it made a big boom, I tried chasing it with a broom, Because it made me feel gloom. For some reason it liked sitting on my bed, And then hopped and sat on my head, Then it sat on a box that is red, That made tears from my eye shed. When I gave it a very big stare, It went down and sat my on chair And gave me back a big…

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