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    The Lonely Mouse

    If you thought this story was about a little furry creature with whiskers, a long tail and an appetite for cheese, you’d be wrong. This story is about a mouse that lived on a computer desk at Brinkley and Co. in the big city. After six o’clock, when everyone had left the office for the day, the stationery items were off duty and would come to life. On managing director Mr Brinkley’s desk there was Snap and Punch the stapler and hole puncher, the rubber bands, the pens in the…

  • Scary Poems

    A Butterfly in My Room

    A BUTTERFLY IN MY ROOM Once there came a butterfly in my room, Believe it or not it made a big boom, I tried chasing it with a broom, Because it made me feel gloom. For some reason it liked sitting on my bed, And then hopped and sat on my head, Then it sat on a box that is red, That made tears from my eye shed. When I gave it a very big stare, It went down and sat my on chair And gave me back a big…

  • Table Graces

    Bless Our Food

    <strong>Bless Our Food</strong> <strong>Dear God, you Bless us with good healthy food, Thank You.</strong> <strong> Thank you for good food everyday for my family, my friends and children all over the world.</strong> <strong>Father God, Bless me to eat all of my fruit and vegetables because they are very good for me and Dear Father God, help me to remember to drink water that helps me to grow smart and strong.</strong> <strong>Bless our food Dear God, Amen</strong> <strong>Authored by God, written by AuntieDonna</strong>

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