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    The Lonely Old Man

    There was once an old man named Franz. Franz lived alone in the smallest house in the way back of his neighborhood. Franz was a grumpy old man due to the recent death of his wife. He was bitter and rude to the neighbors and made everyone he came into contact with him very upset. Franz wasn't always like this though. At one time, he was very happy, he had everything he could want. He had a caring family with kids and grandkids and a wife who were all very…

  • For ages 2-8


    I love you. You love me. I am so happy we are family. My brother is family,my sister aswell. Our mommy and daddy loves us alot i can tell. We go to the beach often. Mommy helps us collect shells. We always tell daddy to join us,when hes done ringing the bells.

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    Bless Our Food

    <strong>Bless Our Food</strong> <strong>Dear God, you Bless us with good healthy food, Thank You.</strong> <strong> Thank you for good food everyday for my family, my friends and children all over the world.</strong> <strong>Father God, Bless me to eat all of my fruit and vegetables because they are very good for me and Dear Father God, help me to remember to drink water that helps me to grow smart and strong.</strong> <strong>Bless our food Dear God, Amen</strong> <strong>Authored by God, written by AuntieDonna</strong>

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