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    I like to visit my neighbor. She lives in our apartment building. Upstairs. The third floor is hard to climb sometimes. But I don’t mind. My name is Benjamin. I’m six. Mrs. Graham is nice. She walks all bent over. Dad says it’s because Mrs. Graham is old. But I say it’s because she points a lot. I bend over too when I point at birds in my back yard. “Mom-Dad. Two more.” “What kind?” they ask. I know they want to learn. “Now mom, you have to remember. Chickadees,”…

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    Little Tyke

    I took her hand as kindness showed through my intentions, she needed love the touch of a mother’s hand laying one upon hers. I did so, and Jesus smiled. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher

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    A Poem for Jesus

    Did Jesus wear socks in evenings of night-time chill His blessed feet traveling many miles in need of rest? If I can earn wages for my keep I will work hard for the Lord. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher

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