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  • Science

    Bill and the Boom Box Rocket

    Bill and the Boom Box Rocket   Once upon a time there lived a boy named Bill, who always dreamed of flying to the moon. One summer evening when Bill was trying to go to sleep, he was bothered by his big brother Ron. Ron was playing his new boom box too loud. The only way Bill could go to sleep was to put on some headphones and play a tape. His favorite tape had the sound of the ocean waves splashing up on shore. As he lay there in…

  • pan

    A frying pan once I had home.

    Once I had a frying pan. It was made of gold. Bought it from my home Iran, it came never old. Once I had a golden pan. Meat I fried was rich. Fame and proteins to batman, wealth I’d always teach. ***** June 30, 2016

  • Bedtime

    Kids nightime prayer

    In the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit, one God, amen. Lord, Jesus Christ, bless us and keep us safe tonight and all the nights of our lives. Keep us away from bad dreams and bad thoughts. Give us good dreams and good thoughts tonight and forever more. Forgive us for all that we have done knowingly and unknowingly, willingly and unwillingly. Awaken the Holy Spirit within us, teach us right from wrong. Take away all the madness, sadness, frustration, anger and despair. Give us happiness, joy,…

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