Goeie-naggies (Good night)

Charlie P. Pistorius

Abra Kadabra

Stars up above
high in the sky
twinkling bright
shine down your magic light on my Belle and Rose* girls tonight.

Chase away those naughty nasty witches
away, away, awaaay
and send them deep down into the dark ditches
those silly witches.

Now we close our eyes
to go to sleep
and say good night.

Don't let the beddie-buggies bite
for then our dreams can take flight
as they float off into the twilight.

So we say good night
sleep tight, aaall night
until the morning light.

Let our thoughts be true
and our hearts, hereto
be filled with Love
for then the Moon Fairies and the Angels will come from up above
flying down on the back of a turtledove
to come and sing and dance and play.

So now let us pray
for our days be sweet as sugar, tice as spice, and pretty as the edelweiss.

Let us give thanks to our little Lord Jesus,
for blessing us with His Grace
and for being with us today in all things good and nice.
And so sincerely,
blessing our family and friends we Love most dearly.

This is our prayer...
ever sweet
and now it is complete.


Lief Jou (Love You)

(*) Dedicated and said at night to my gorgeous girls, my heart, my sugar.


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