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Fairies in the woods

When I was a child, I wandered the forest behind our home. I searched for the fairy princess. I believed that the fairy princess lived in the old hollow tree down by the creek. The frogs at night paid homage to her with their songs. Their croaking helped her to sleep. The birds greeted her […]
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The family poem or song (create your own melody)

Grannie bakes an apple pie It smells so delicious Grandpa wears a brand new tie He is still ambitious My mummy wears a yellow dress She dances through the house My daddy is in great distress He saw a thick grey mouse My sister has a teddy bear She hugs him all day long My […]
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Goeie-naggies (Good night)

Abra Kadabra Stars up above high in the sky twinkling bright shine down your magic light on my Belle and Rose* girls tonight. Chase away those naughty nasty witches away, away, awaaay and send them deep down into the dark ditches those silly witches. Now we close our eyes to go to sleep and say […]
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